SEC expansion on hold, still inevitable

Published 7:58 pm Monday, August 15, 2011

While the Southeastern Conference did not extend an invitation to Texas A&M over the weekend, don’t think the issue is at rest.

The SEC expansion will happen. Conference expansion nationwide will happen. I may not be today but it is inevitable.

Obviously the SEC wasn’t going to go into 2012 with 13 teams and I don’t believe they were prepared, at this time, to approach a 14th. The SEC said it was satisfied with its 12-team alignment but left the door open for future expansion. Of course, because that future expansion is coming as soon as the SEC can guarantee a 14th on even 16th member. The attention now should not be on Texas A&M but on other potential suitors to join the conference that is home to the past five football national champions.

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Certainly, eyes will turn in Florida State and Clemson’s direction now and the SEC knows that if they don’t take these schools someone will. But are these the schools the SEC really wants or needs?

Texas A&M is by no means a national power but does bring a Texas market and a longtime rival with Arkansas. What the SEC should be holding out for are the likes of Oklahoma and Florida State.

Texas would be the golden egg but their intentions seem clear to become their own football nation.

The pieces are becoming available for the puzzle of college football ‘super conferences’ to be completed timing seems to be the only obstacle remaining. The remaining Big 12 schools are waiting and watching and so is the SEC. At some point, one player will move its queen instead of its pawn.