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Prison issue remains unresolved

There were two major issues not resolved during the just completed regular legislative session.  Gambling and prisons were left on the table and up in ... Read more

2 days ago by Steve Flowers.

Politics never ends in Alabama

We are all looking forward to next year’s gigantic political cavalcade.  The 2022 elections in Alabama will be momentous. Read more

1 week ago by Steve Flowers.

Gambling left on table

The 2021 Legislative Session is in the books.  I would rate it a success. When you pass budgets that are balanced, any session is a ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Steve Flowers.

Troy Regional’s goal is the best health care possible

Last week it was reported that Troy Regional Medical Center received an “A” rating from the Leapfrog Group. Read more

1 month ago by Submitted Article.

Only one, final legislative day remains in the 2020 session

The 2020 legislative regular session is wrapping up.  After this week’s two-days of meeting days, only one final legislative day remains on May 17. Read more

1 month ago by Steve Flowers.

State Supreme Court often forgotten in Alabama

Our 1901 Alabama Constitution replicates the United States Constitution in designing a triumvirate of government.  The Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches are designed to have ... Read more

2 months ago by Steve Flowers.

COVID-19 campaign: Still work to be done

With the loosening of Covid-19 vaccination criteria over the past several weeks, more and more Americans are taking advantage of the opportunity to get the ... Read more

2 months ago by Submitted Article.

Masking remains in effect in state

I was able to take a break recently and took my first flight in over a year and I saw an interesting comparison between our ... Read more

3 months ago by Submitted Article.

Gambling, budgets remain a priority for legislature

The Legislature is at the midway point of the 2021 Regular Legislative Session.  They have used 15 days of their allotted 30-day legislative session. Read more

3 months ago by Steve Flowers.

End of COVID may be in sight

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the Covid-19 pandemic, we may be seeing hope for the end of this craziness.  A lot has happened ... Read more

3 months ago by Submitted Article.

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