Pierce: Proud to play for dad

Published 4:54 pm Monday, May 30, 2011

Logan Pierce, the Trojans first baseman, is proud to play for his father this year.

Special to The Messenger

When fans hear first baseman Logan Pierce’s name announced over the loud speaker at Riddle-Pace Field as he walks up to bat, they may think that the last name “Pierce” sounds familiar.

It’s no coincidence. Logan Pierce is the youngest son of Troy Trojan Baseball Head Coach Bobby Pierce.

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For Logan, being born into a baseball family, his love for the sport began almost as soon as he could walk.

“He really just developed a passion for it so early on,” Coach Bobby Pierce said. “At two years old he was carrying bats around and gloves around and banging furniture in the house and doing the whole throw the ball at the TV thing.”

Logan agrees that his love of the game started early. “It was very early on, three, four, five years old,” Logan said. “I just never really loved another sport like this one. Baseball was just my favorite always growing up.”

The father son duo say having the chance to be together on the same team brings along its own set of challenges, but it also brings along many shared memories that can never be forgotten.

“It’s obviously a great experience to be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to coach your own son,” Coach Pierce said. “He’s been guilty of trying to do too much, I have been guilty of evaluating him too hard, but as long as he keeps working at it both on the field and in the classroom, i’ll be his biggest supporter.”

In turn, Logan offers his father credit for his success. “A lot of my credit goes to him,” Logan said. “All of the knowledge I have gained through the years, he’s inspired me every time, he’s always been there to help me and teach me new things that I probably wouldn’t be able to figure out by myself. It’s been great.”

In his first year as a Trojan, Logan is batting at a .238 average. He is fourth on the team in doubles with 13, third on the team in RBI with 43, second on drawing walks with 34 and has four homeruns this season including two grand slams.