FUNCTION-FORWARD: The Flats at 524 to offer luxurious, durable housing option for students

Published 3:00 am Saturday, July 8, 2017

More luxury apartments are coming to Troy in time for the upcoming semester with the construction of the Flats at 524 on Elm Street.

Owner Frank Thomas said he’d considered a student project in Troy last year, but wasn’t able to get to it.

“So when this property became available, I knew that the time was right to start,” Thomas said.

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When choosing what kind of apartments to build, Thomas said he decided on apartments that offered extra security and more trimmings than a basic complex.

“I felt that the concept would be new to the market and for that reason we needed to upgrade the finishes and the design,” Thomas said. “We wanted to offer students a property that had a sophisticated feeling while also being safe and functional. As a single father raising a 7-year-old little girl, I am always conscious of her safety and security… We sprinkled the units and corridors for fire protection as well as adding cameras in all common areas and a code-gated entry to the center corridors.”

To assist in getting the design right for college students, Thomas turned to neighbor Ashleigh Gilbreath, interior designer and co-owner of the flats.

“We are trying to think more like what speaks to a college kid,” Gilbreath said. “We’re trying to be a little bit more on the trendy side and on more of a function-forward foot so this does not start to date itself in 10 years.

“The design is very timeless and very durable. The overall appeal is more of a clean aesthetic. It’s very much a fashion-forward approach to interiors that speaks to a younger audience”

Some of those “function-forward” concepts include laminate wood flooring throughout the flat, two identical bedrooms, recessed can lighting and an open concept kitchen and living space.

“I can remember being in college and having one master bedroom and two smaller bedrooms and trying to figure out who gets the bigger room,” Gilbreath said. “We tried to make that more equal.”

Gilbreath said the laminate wood flooring provides the look of wood with more durability and doesn’t have the cold feel of tile.

“We chose that flooring in an effort to keep it clean, which is two-sided because you want to keep it clean for the tenants of course and as far as maintenance on the owner’s side,” Gilbreath said. “It’s a really good imitation of wood with good earthy tones … You can always put a rug down and take it with you. This gives it a unified look; it does very well in the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen.”

The flats will also sport white granite countertops, stainless appliances, walk-in closets in each bedroom and a washer and dryer.

Thomas said the flats coincide with other development going on in the city and on campus.

“I feel that our product falls in line with a lot of the wonderful news going on in Troy,” Thomas said, in reference to the new Publix and Park Place shopping center among other developments. “The progress on campus never stops so we are very excited to be in Troy.”

Gilbreath said the flats are designed to be more than just a place to live.

“It’s where you live, but it’s also where all your fun memories are in college. The intent from day one has been that you only live this life one time; make it pretty. Make it fun.”

The flats are located at 524 Elm Street. Leases are available now and the flats are expected to be completed and ready for move-in in Fall 2017. For leasing information, contact Al Renfroe of Blue Key Properties at 855-492-1618.