AIDT: Apply for jobs online

Published 6:12 am Thursday, July 7, 2011

AIDT will handle the job application process for Golden Boy Foods, which confirmed last week it will open a new plant in Troy.

Paper applications will not be accepted for jobs available at Golden Boy Foods. All applications must be filed electronically.

Jacquie Allen, public information officer for Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT), said that when all information regarding wages and benefits has been confirmed by Golden Boy Foods, AIDT will begin placing advertisements in the newspaper and applications will be accepted.

“That could be as early as Saturday but then it could be next week,” Allen said. “We encourage those who are interested in the employment opportunities at Golden Boy Foods to watch the paper and then file their applications. Calling will not help.”

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Allen said that it is understandable that people are interested in the new job opportunities and anxious to know what is available.

On-line applications are required and those who don’t have access to computers and the Internet may make application at the Alabama Career Centers System on South Brundidge Street in Troy.

“Assistance will be available at the career center for those who need help in filing electronically,” Allen said.

AIDT provides quality workforce development for Alabama’s new and expanding businesses and works to expand the opportunities through the jobs these businesses create.

Although wages have not been defined for Golden Boy Foods, Allen said that AIDT’s benchmark is at least $10 an hour.

“It is very difficult for anyone in this day and time to live on anything much less,” she said. “That’s the wage AIDT has determined that will make its services explicable.”

AIDT will post the advertising for jobs at Golden Boy Foods of Troy, take applications, screen the applications and provide pre-training.

Golden Boy Foods is a Canadian company, which is among the leading suppliers of organic and conventional, store brand peanut butter and nut butter, as well as a premier supplier of all kinds of nut and dried fruit products for snacking and baking.

The company supplies 20 of the top 30 retailers in North America, as well as leading food service organizations and major food processors.

The company estimates that 130 jobs will be available at full production.

Golden Boy Foods is located in the former Campbell Enterprises building in the Troy Industrial Park on the Henderson Highway.

Other Golden Boy Food locations are in Washington state and Ontario and British Columbia, Canada.