Johnson lab goes green

Published 6:34 pm Thursday, December 18, 2008

“Go Green” is the global movement of people working to sustain the world’s environment.

And, for each and every person, the place to “Go Green” is right in his or her own backyard.

That’s exactly what Louis Johnson, founder and owner of Johnson Labs in Troy, is doing.

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Johnson has developed an all-purpose, environmentally friendly cleaning product, Oxy Orange, that will disinfect as it cleans any and everything in its path.

“Pike County has made a name for itself as being environmentally conscious,” Johnson said. “K&W Plastics is the largest recycler of polypropylene in the world and the City of Troy is a leader in recycling. So, how appropriate for Johnson Labs to come up with an environmentally responsible product.”

Johnson has a patent for the all-purpose cleaning product that he has perfected. Oxy Orange is so environmentally friendly that it breaks down into water and oxygen.

“Water and oxygen, how much more environmentally friendly can you get?” Johnson said. “It has no harsh chemicals for you to breathe, get on your skin or flush down your drains. Oxy Orange will safely clean and disinfect everything from glass to countertops and carpets.”

The biodegradable, germ-fighting clearer is made up of peroxide, orange oil and surfactants.

“The benefits of hydrogen peroxide are many because it disinfects as it cleans,” Johnson said. “Orange oil is a natural solvent and the surfactants are the soap part of the product.

Surfactants are the active agents that encapsulate dirt in the bubbles and lift and trap it so it can be removed.

Oxy Orange is a unique product that will be the only household cleaner that you will need and, with its use, you are protecting the environment.

Oxy Orange is being used locally in the institutional market but, down the road, Johnson plans to offer the environmentally friendly cleaner on the retail market. And the Pike County Economic Development Corp. is ready to step up to the plate with marketing assistance.

“We have a grant for our local marketing program,” said Marsha Gaylard, EDC president. “We encourage Pike County businesses to support other Pike County businesses by buying from and selling to each other. Pike County benefits when businesses look locally before going elsewhere. And, when they can’t find what they need locally, we encourage them to shop with Alabama industries. That way we keep money here in Pike County and in Alabama.”

Oxy Orange is already being used at local industries and businesses in both the concentrated and ready-to-use forms as a “one do-it-all product.”

Johnson Lab has gained wide recognition for its five other patents, four of which are used in the hunting industry as odor eliminators, and as insect repellants.

Johnson is confident that once people began to recognize the benefits of Oxy Orange, the good smelling, hard working, environmentally friendly cleaner will be the all-purpose cleaner of choice both at home and “on the job.”