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Natural disasters and greed are a bad mix

Alabama faces a risk of devastating hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. Do Alabamians need protection against predatory “price gouging” after natural disasters? Read more | 1 comment

A better way to spend more on education

Alabama school districts miss an opportunity to save tens of millions of dollars every year. This is the conclusion of the latest installment of the ... Read more

Minimum wage, minimal help

The ongoing campaign to increase the minimum wage raises numerous issues, some of which I have weighed in on before. One of the most important ... Read more

Good girls don’t do snuff

Like a lot of women of my childhood, my grandmother dipped snuff. My granny said there wasn’t a thing in the world that couldn’t be made ... Read more

Economists’ cost confusion

Last week I discussed how college football illustrated how costs are less tangible than people suppose. Many decisions affect the cost of operating a football ... Read more | 1 comment