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Mickey Mantle, pensions, and safety nets

Employer-provided pensions across the U.S. are changing. The old standard, the defined benefit plan, is rapidly disappearing. Read more

Handicapping the horses for 2016

This week we will continue counting down and handicapping the prospective horses in the 2018 Alabama Gubernatorial Derby. Read more

Handicapping the big race

Last week I gave you an alphabetical list of the 18 potential horses in the 2018 Alabama Gubernatorial Derby. We will begin this week handicapping ... Read more

Bad economics produces poor policy

Do you care about the mileage your car gets? Some economists, and the bureaucrats at the Department of Energy (DoE), don’t think so, and ... Read more

Governor’s race is wide open

We Alabamians love the governor’s race. When talk turns to politics in our beloved state, it usually leads to the governor’s race. It does not ... Read more