Opinion Columnists

Taking a look at Congress

Last week’s column expounded on the two different concepts that members of Congress perceive their roles to be in Washington. Our two senators are classic ... Read more

What would Daddy think of these cell phones?

Daddy called Mama, “Ma Bell,” for good reason. Mama was a talented talker. What she did before the telephone must be left to speculation. I ... Read more

Stories, sweet potatoes and spirituals

February has been designated Black History Month and it’s a time to recognize and celebrate the many accomplishments by and contributions of African-Americans, past and ... Read more

Farm Bill a “win” for Alabama

Three years ago I was standing in Ed White’s peanut field in Headland seeing first-hand the day-to-day operations that go into his family farm. Read more

The human face of economic freedom

Examining the effects of economic freedom is a core part of the mission of the Johnson Center. Economic freedom is the freedom for individuals to ... Read more