Troy pastors voice thoughts on Sunday alcohol sales referendum

One point of opposition against Sunday alcohol sales in the City of Troy has been the reverence of the day by churches and a general moral argument against expansion upon alcohol consumption.

Local pastor Andrew Knick of Southside Baptist Church explained his position on the issue.

“I am definitely against it from a moral perspective,” Knick said. “I feel like alcohol has been a detriment to much of our society. I think in opening up (sales for) another day, it’s just us as a society putting another stamp of approval on something never proven to bring anything good to society. I pray that people see we don’t need to open up the doors that much more.”

Knick said that he is against the consumption of alcohol, but clarified that he does not believe it to be a sin.

“Scripture is not clear on alcohol,” Knick said. “It says not to be drunk, but I can’t say that it’s a sin to drink alcohol. I’ve just never seen alcohol do anything good for anybody. If it can’t benefit society, we need to figure out a way to find something that can.”

Luke Lane, pastor of First Baptist Church, said he isn’t taking a direct approach for or against the law.

“We’re just praying that whatever God’s will is would be done in it and that people will go and vote how God tells them to vote,” Lane said.

Dwayne Norman of Bush Memorial Baptist Church said he may vote against Sunday sales, but is not asking other church members to do the same.

“Our church is an eclectic group,” Norman said. “Some choose to abstain and some don’t; the main thing I’ve taught through the years is the Bible teaches not to be drunk – that’s the sin. I personally choose not to drink but don’t look down on those that choose not to.

“We make a bigger deal of what we’re for, not to bypass social issues, but we’re for Christ and the difference he has made in our lives. It’s certainly a catch-22; I think we all love the idea of seeing the community grow with more local restaurants and businesses, but I’m sure for certain establishments to come we’re going to have to have less restrictive view on alcohol on Sundays.

“I think personally if I had to vote right now, I would probably personally vote no, but the outcome of the election wouldn’t change me or what I’m trying to do. I’m going to keeping loving on the church and the community regardless.”

Whether for or against, Troy residents can make their voices heard on the issue Tuesday at the polls. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Photo Identification will be required.