USDA invests $7.3 million in grants to help rural healthcare providers

On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that it would be investing $7.3 million in grants to help support rural healthcare providers across the State of Alabama.

Of those counties receiving grants, Pike County’s Troy Hospital Health Care Authority will receive a $120,100 grant. The grant will be used to install an energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning system at Troy Regional Medical Center. According to the USDA release, the system will allow for energy cost savings for the hospital and will also help to reduce exposure to COVID-19 and other airborne contagious illnesses.

“For those who are living in rural Alabama, access to healthcare is a very important issue,” USDA Rural Development Alabama State Director Nivory Gordon said. “For some families, being able to access modern healthcare facilities can factor in the family’s decision to locate to our stay in a rural community.

“In order to make sure that rural Alabamians have equal access to healthcare as those who live in our urban centers, USDA is working to help support rural healthcare systems. The investments announced here today will help to ensure these healthcare providers can continue to serve these communities that they proudly call home.”

Others receiving grant funding include Russellville Hospital ($1 million) in Russell County, Russell Hospital Corporation in Tallapoosa County ($426,600), Bullock County Development Authority ($299,600), Healthcare Authority of Greenville in Butler County ($1 million), Geneva County Health Care Authority ($999,300), Tombigbee Healthcare Authority of Marengo County ($910,000), City of York Healthcare Authority in Sumter County ($114,000), Marion Medical Center in Marion County ($437,500), Healthcare Authority of Winfield in Marion County ($1 million) and Washington County Healthcare Authority ($1 million).

According to the release from the USDA, the investments will help build, renovate and equip healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinics in rural areas across the state. The funding is being made available through the American Rescue Plan Act.