Former police officer arrested for child molestation

A recently retired Troy Police officer has been taken into custody after a grand jury indicted him Wednesday on charges of sexual abuse.

Willie Toney is accused of multiple sex crimes against a victim younger than 12 and is being held in the Pike County Jail on one count of first-degree rape, two counts of first-degree sodomy and two counts of first-degree sexual abuse, according to the Alabama Attorney General’s Office.

Willie Toney

The case was brought up again this week after being presented to a grand jury at least twice before, with the jury returning no indictments, according to previous stories in The Messenger.

Toney retired last week from the TPD. He served on the city’s police force for more than 18 years – part of that time as a school resource officer.

Toney was arrested by the Alabama Bureau of Investigations and the Pike County Sheriff’s Office. No further information is being released at this time.

Information regarding other indictments handed down by the grand jury this week should be available tomorrow.