Troy City Council discusses business at Tuesday meeting

At the May 10 Troy City Council Meeting, the council discussed a number of topics including a proposed temporary moratorium on multi-family developments in the city.

The council heard the first reading for the proposed moratorium at the Tuesday meeting but a second reading must be done, at the next council meeting, before it can be adopted by the city and published.

The temporary moratorium would be for one year and places a moratorium on the “construction of, extension of and/or addition of multi-family developments including, but not limited to, developments containing one or more multi-family structures, apartments triplexes, duplexes, condominiums and other forms of multi-family dwellings.”

The moratorium would not affect any multi-family developments that have received site plan approval from the City of Troy Planning and Zoning Commission on or prior to the date of the publication of the moratorium, if it is adopted. The moratorium would also not affect any single-dwelling developments or mix-use developments in the C1, C2 and C3 zoning districts, which have commercial or non-lodging first floors and residential lodging on floors above street level. The moratorium also directs the city to “study the current needs of housing stock, impact of increasing multi-family units and current zoning regulations” associated with the City of Troy.

The second reading of the proposed moratorium will take place at the May 24 City Council meeting.

In other business, the council approved a service agreement with PLS Group of Troy to organize and digitize more than 100,000 documents from a local land surveyor that would make these documents available for public use. These documents include surveys of property in the city along with public works surveys including city waterlines, subdivisions and water towers.

The council also approved the purchase of police uniforms for the Troy Police Department and a two-year agreement for the purchase of children’s books for TPD to give out to students in the county. The book, “Keys to a Better Me,” will be read to second graders in all schools in Pike County by officers and copies will also be given to the students. The cost is a total of $1,505.40 for the two years worth of books.

The council also approved the city to enter into a service agreement with Gunn and Associates of Millbrook to assess the possibility and requirements the city would face to potentially upgrade the outdated lighting at a number of Troy Parks and Recreation athletic fields.

The council also approved a request for the city to apply for a NOFO grant from the Department of Transportation. Additionally, the council reappointed Makr Calk to the city’s Airport Committee and Steve Flowers to the Health Care Authority of the City of Troy.

The Troy City Council will next meet at 5 p.m. on May 24 at Troy City Hall.