Catch Kacie Bell’s solo debut in Brundidge this weekend

Published 9:57 am Tuesday, July 25, 2023

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This weekend, Troy native – and musician – Kacie Bell will host her first ever solo performance at the Big Brick Market in Brundidge.

Bell, a Pike Liberal Arts School graduate, has already released two albums and has performed a number of times, including in her hometown of Troy, but her performance in Brundidge will be a “one woman show” and it will be her first solo performance.

“I’m very excited,” Bell emphasized. “This has been a long time coming and I’ve had a lot of time to prepare for it. It’s a little nerve-racking because it’s my first ever solo live performance but I’m really excited to share what I’m working on.”

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Bell released her second album, “Growing Pains,” last summer and the Samford University sophomore is preparing to release her first “industry standard” single to the masses this fall.

“I’m putting out a single in October. I worked on it with my professor at Samford, who produced the song with me,” Bell said. “We just wrapped that up and it’s really exciting. We sent it out to master yesterday. It was a really interactive experience working with other people, especially with my professor who has been in the industry for so long.

“It was really cool to work with him and also get to work with different students that are my friends that play instruments on the song. It was incredibly cool, because we got to use the brand new studio that was built on Samford’s campus. I’m just super excited about it because it’s my first real industry standard song that I’ve released. It’s super appropriate for the month it’s coming out in and it’s my favorite song that I’ve written so far, I think.”

Bell said that while it’s difficult being a full-time student and attempting to start her music career, she said that it helps having peers around her facing the same challenges.

Troy native Kacie Bell will be performing in Brundidge this Saturday, July 29.

“It has its ups and downs for sure but it’s really helpful to be surrounded by kids that are just like me, balancing student life and work and also trying to work on a career and getting a jumpstart on music,” she said. “It’s really helpful and encouraging to be surrounded by peers that are just like you that are striving to put their best foot forward academically and musically. That balance is difficult on your own but when you have people around facing the same things it can help you.”

Bell will be performing at Big Brick Market in Brundidge on July 29 at 7 p.m. She said that she’d be playing acoustic and electronic originals, covers and even some unreleased music that she has never played before.

“I’ll be doing a wide range of music,” she said. “I’ll be doing songs that I’ve covered and songs that I’ve written, a wide variety of everything I love music wise. There will be some songs that I’ve written that I haven’t put out yet, so that will be fun to sing some unreleased stuff for the first time.”

While Bell said she’s nervous about playing in front of hometown folks, she’s also excited about the opportunity.

“It’s a little jarring, especially because this show is in Brundidge. My grandparents live maybe 30 minutes from Brundidge, so we had to travel through there every time we went to go see them,” she said. “It’s very cool to be able to come home and share this part of my life that people normally wouldn’t get to see because I’m in Birmingham. It’s also scary and a bit nerve-racking to kind of share that part of me. I’ve always thought that whether you’re a songwriter or musician or whatever, you’re sharing a part of your soul when you share your art with people.

“So, it’s weird to share this side of me to people that maybe have never seen that part. To share it with people that saw me grow up, or people I went to middle school with or elementary school with, is scary but it’s also very heartwarming and cool to be able to share this part of me with them.”

Big Brick Market is located at 132 S.A. Graham Blvd. in Brundidge. The cost of admission for Bell’s performance will be $5 on July 29 from 7 until 9 p.m.