Karla Johnson pens ‘Time Traveler’

Published 2:57 pm Friday, November 26, 2021

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Several years ago, Karla Johnson was traveling and heard on the car radio of a trampling incident on Black Friday.

“I thought St. Nick would roll lover in his grave if he knew what people were doing with his name and his image,” said Johnson, who later realized the incident was fodder for a book.

Even though Johnson had a degree in English and was a teacher, she decided she needed more experience as a writer. So, she enrolled in a Christian Writers Guild and received the assistance she needed to finalize a story, have it illustrated and submit it for publication.

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“I received the help I needed in editing for my first story of a little boy who travels back in time and meets different Christians in history,” Johnson said. “I am committed to writing books that give families a way to make Godly memories together.

“I want to write books where the Gospel can impact generations of children who are read to while sitting on their grandmother’s lap.”

Johnson’s first published book is titled “St. Nicholas’ Secret” and is a read-to book for ages four to eight.

“‘St. Nicholas’ Secret’ is the story of a little boy who travels back in time and meets the historical St. Nick,” Johnson said. “The little boy brings St. Nick forward in time to see how we celebrate Christmas. St. Nick sees how we focus on him and not on Jesus. Here, St. Nick is too often what Christmas is all about.”

Johnson said the hope of “‘St. Nicholas’ Secret” is that it will impact families so they will have a more Christian-centered Christmas tradition.

“I’m not against Santa Claus,” Johnson said. “But, it’s important that we keep St. Nick in his right place, as a godly man who loves Jesus.”

Johnson has plans for future books.

But, I thought when I retired I would have time to write more but, working fulltime, I’ve had to put the writing of books on the side for now.”