‘Tupper’ encourages kids to ‘READ’ here, there, everywhere

Published 8:25 am Wednesday, October 13, 2021

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Judy Thornton was back in Brundidge on Monday morning. She “signed’ in at the Tupper Lightfoot Memorial Library at noon and “hung” around for about an hour.

Thornton came to the public library to bring a sign encouraging young people to READ!

“About 10 years ago, Judy made a large ‘READ’ sign to hang on the library’s front porch as encouragement for young people, as well as adults, to read,” said Theresa Trawick, library director. “Over time, the sign began to deteriorate and needed to be replaced. Judy, who now lives in Montgomery, graciously agreed to create a new sign.”

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The word “READ” itself is encouragement to pick up a book, a newspaper or greeting cards on a rack, Thornton said.

“But, within the letters, R-E-A-D, I wanted to show the many different reading places for children that would enhance their joy of reading, So, I thought of fun places to take along a book.  And, there were even more places than I thought.”

On the letter “R,” children could discover that it would be fun to read in a hot air balloon, on the bed and on a swing.  The letter “E” is equally as much fun for reading under a tree, with puppies, in a hammock and on a hike.

The letter “A” illustrates that reading is fun on the porch, under an umbrella during a soft summer rain and even to the birds.

“D” shows that reading is fun at the pool, on a boat, with friends and with grandma and grandpa.

“Reading can be fun at almost any time or any place. It is fun to read alone or with family and friends,” Thornton said. “Reading is a skill that you can enjoy when you are young and older.”

Garneshia Lampley, children’s librarian, joined Trawick in thanking Thornton and her daughter, Sarah, for the “READ” sign and for their continuing support of “Tupper.

“We are sure that ‘READ’ will be read and enjoyed for many years to come,” the librarians said. “Reading is a lifelong skill and opens worlds of wonder to people of all ages.”

Thornton has roots in the Brundidge community and she was more than willing to create another “READ” sign for the city library.

For about 20 years, Thornton was a part of the Troy and Brundidge communities.  She is a graduate of Troy University and was a volunteer pottery instructor at the Colley Senior Complex.  She also gave instructions on paper making and other art forms. Her artwork is also exhibited at the We Piddle Around Theater in Brundidge.