Trojans look to have success in the classroom during break

Published 6:50 pm Friday, March 20, 2020

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Even though they’re wont be any action on the fields  or courts this spring, the student athletes of Troy University are still eager to find plenty of success in academics.

The NCAA shutdown all of spring sports as well as the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournaments due to the threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Troy University closed it’s doors to students, shifting classes online.

academics has always been the top priority for Troy student-athletes. Athletic Director Brent Jones believes the students are well-equipped to handle the transition.

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“We are probably better situated than most schools because Troy University is a leader in online education,” Jones said. “Most of our student-athletes are familiar or have taken an online class. This is not foreign to them.”

The Troy coaches went from coaching their players on the field and on the court to coaching them in academics.

“Right now, they are our academic and life coaches,” Jones said.

The coaches are spending time keeping in constant contact with their student-athletes, making sure they are keeping up with their studies, while at the same time making sure they are healthy. There are key priorities each head coach is working on, all of which ensures the student athletes remain engaged and healthy.”

“They are in charge of texting and calling every single day, making sure they know how they are doing,” Jones said. “Second is academics. GPA and APR are still a big thing with NCAA. We want to make sure the seniors graduate and not mess up anything. The coaches are becoming their academic coaches.”

Coaches are also checking in on their athletes, making sure they are feeling healthy.

“They are asking tough questions like ‘How are you feeling? How are you doing? How are you sleeping?,” Jones said. “This a very stressful time.”

All throughout the season, Troy women’s basketball coach Chanda Rigby has preached the phrase “We don’t lose, we learn”. That has extended to academics.

“All we can do is make sure they’re safe,” Rigby said. “The main activity is doing your classes. This seems like a really negative thing, this virus and not being able to compete. But, lets turn it into a positive. The only thing we have to focus on right now is getting our grade point average up as high as it can be.”

Rigby has also preached the importance of leadership during a time like this.  She wants her players to be someone that other people look to.

“They are leaders,” Rigby said. “People look at athletes and model things after them.”