Published 7:10 pm Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Jimmy Little to Jimmy and Sharon Little, 137 County Road 2287 Glenwood, Alabama 36034, for $10,990, October 19.

Shirley Phillips to Casey, David, and Caleb Bankston, 9390 Woodland Drive, Elberta, Alabama 36530, for $3,000 per sales agreement, October 19.

Boak Brantley to Joy Lance, 7038 Ammons Street, Aruada, Colorado 8000, for acreage/no tax collected. Deed given to clear up title, October 19.

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Shirley Phillips to Casey, Davida and Caleb Bankston, 9390 Woodland Drive, Elberta, Alabama 36530, for acreage, October 19.

Joy Lance to Nicky McBrayer, 109 Old Kentucky Way, Midland City, Alabama 36350, for acreage, $388,429.75 per Real Estate contract, October 19.

Steve and Nandini Ramroop to Angella Horn, 123 Willow Way, Troy, Alabama, for $169,900, October 19.

Kenneth and Casey Goolsby to Rhett Butler, P.O. Box 945, Troy, Alabama, for $4,000, October 22.

Auburn Real Estate Foundation, Inc. to Selma and Reba Guice, 3710 County Road 1128, Troy, for $150,000, October 23.

Exa Pouncey to Brandon Lachey Booth, 507 First Avenue, Troy, for $121,830, October 23.

Jean Sporman to Jeffrey Warren, 1055 Glenwood Road, Goshen, Alabama, 36035, for $100,000, October 23.

Estate of Virginia Ann Swindall, c/o Larry Oliver Swindall, Executor to Larry Swindall, 10619 Goldfield Lane, Houston, Texas 77064, for $45,660, October 24.

Gordon Anderson & Kristin Anderson to D3 Investments, LLC, 31369 Blakeley Way, Spanish Fort, Alabama, 36527, for $139,000, October 24.

William Thomas to Thomas FLP, PO Box 974, Troy, for $79,350, October 24.

Mitchell and Peggy Harris to Curtis Bowers and Lauren Bowers, 655 County Road 2210, Troy, for $330,400, October 24.

Roy and Belinda Wood to Timmy Hall, Po Box 432, Luverne, Alabama, for $110,000, October 24.

Willie Blackmon to Richard Saucier, 7307 U.S. Hwy 231, South, Troy, for $25,000, October 26.

Otis and Michelle Farris to Mary Green, 18680 N. US Highway 29, Banks, Alabama 36005, for $5,000, October 26.

Eric and Majorie Benson to Dallas DeRamus, 346 Orion Street, Troy, for $64,750, October 26.

Misty Griffitts to Jerry Hester, 107 County Road 2226, Troy, for $15,205, October 26.

Ursula Bryant to John Dever, Successor Trustee, or his successors in interest, of the Peggy Denver Administrative Trust dated May 11, 2016, established under the Peggy Denver Living Trust, 361 Waterfowl Lane, Newport News, Virginia 23602, for $41,735, October 26.

Johnny Glenn Davis, et al, to Kenneth Kirkland, 423 Troy Street, Brundidge, Alabama 36010, for $35,000, October 29.

Jessie Canty, Clara Anderson and Gusie Graham to Pike County Board of Education, 101 W. Love Street, Troy, for $2,000, October 29.

Timmy Hall to Eddie and Victoria Sharp, 104 Olivia Way, Troy, for $206,000, October 30.

Johnnie Steve Stamey to LakeView Loan Servicing, LLC, 3637 Sentara Way, Suite 303, for $19, 760, October 30.

Larry Wilke and Margaret Wilke to Margaret Wilke, 101 Surry Ave, Troy, for $80,000, October 31.

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, c/o Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, to Federal National Mortgage Association, 5600 Granite Parkway Building VII Plano, Texas 75024, for $31,166, October 31.

Betty Chambliss to CCC Brothers, LLC, c/o Chase Chambliss, for $481,250, October 31.

Terry Ingalls as Personal; Representative under the will of Sally Ingalls to Terry Ingalls, 106 Carolina Court, Auburn, Alabama 36830, for $173,574, October 31.

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