Trojan wrestling team heads home to host first matchTrojan wrestling team heads home to host first match

Published 7:04 pm Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Charles Henderson wrestling team is excited to host their first ever wrestling match on Friday afternoon in front of the student body.

The Trojans will welcome in the 7A Enterprise Wildcats at 2 p.m. inside the Charles Henderson gymnasium.

“The kids are pretty excited to make history,” said head coach Matthew Raiti. “We have had the mats for a couple of months now, we have just been trying to work out a schedule to where someone can come in here and wrestle.”

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The afternoon match will give the wrestlers an opportunity to compete in front of a large audience, but it also gives the audience a chance to see first-hand what wrestling is all about.

“It will be a good environment because there will be a lot of people in the seats,” Raiti said. “I am hoping to open up some eyes of students that are kind of unfamiliar with the sport and were hesitant to sign up and wrestle this year.”

The Trojans have played in a handful of matches this season. With each passing match, Raiti has been impressed with the progress of his young wrestling team.

“Obviously they are still behind the learning curve,” Raiti said. “It’s getting better. It may take a couple of seasons until they feel comfortable out there. In the first match it looked like they were just trying to survive and now they look like wrestlers. That has made me really happy.”