Would-be burglars ram through wall of Family Firearms

Published 10:18 am Friday, December 14, 2018

It was 5 a.m. Friday when Sonnie Parker’s phone began to beep – an alert that a motion sensor had been tripped at the Family Firearms store on South Brundidge Street.

Parker, the owner of the store, immediately began watching the cameras, as he always does when the alert goes off.

“Either when they messed with the window or cut the power it set the senor off,” Parker said. “I was watching it on my phone and noticed the front cam was fuzzy – normally it’s crystal clear. I knew something wasn’t right. I switched back to the inside camera to see if anything was off and the shelf comes flying across the aisle … it was crazy the adrenaline rush when I realized what was happening.”

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Parker immediately called Troy police to the scene.

Looking back at the footage, Parker found the cause of the shelf flying off the wall – an SUV rammed into the building four times, once at the front door and three times at the far wall, where the vehicle eventually broke through.

Right around that time police arrived on scene, and Parker said the SUV sped off as police pursued.

Then two males entered the store through the obliterated wall – to realize their efforts had been futile.

“When they finally got it open they came in with bags and they realized there were no guns,” Parker said. “We put the guns up and lock them up securely every night. There are no guns in the store at night. They immediately turned around and left.”

Parker said the two men fled from the scene once they realized there were no products to steal.

When Parker got to the scene, he found out why the front camera was “fuzzy.” It had been spray-painted during the attempted burglary.

Troy police are still investigating the incident and have not charged anyone yet in the crime.

Parker said the incident will not keep the store from opening as normal –the doors opened at 10 a.m.

“This will not shut us down,” Parker said. “We’re putting guns out this morning. Kimber will be available today. The first guns made in Troy will be delivered today.”

Parker said he has had high demand for the custom-made limited-run guns.

Armed security guards will be protecting the premises at night while the building is being repaired.