Grice leading by example during senior season

Published 3:00 am Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Pike Patriots baseball team has many leaders this season. Some of them get it done vocally, while some of them get it done on the field. In the case of senior Adam Grice, it’s all the above.

Grice set out before his senior season with hopes of it being a memorable one for his team. With the regular season winding down, the Patriots currently sit at 23-8 and are ranked 10th in the state in AISA.

“The team is doing really good,” Grice said. “This is probably the best team that I have played for since I have been here. We are doing better than we did last year. We have more of a balanced team.”

Messenger Photo/mike hensley Adam Grice has been a leader for the Patriots both on and off the field in 2016. His leadership has helped Pike begin the season 23-8

Messenger Photo/mike hensley
Adam Grice has been a leader for the Patriots both on and off the field in 2016. His leadership has helped Pike begin the season 23-8

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Grice’s performance on the field has played a big part in the Patriots’ success. The senior is batting .340 with one homerun, 15 RBIs and eight stolen bases.

“For me right, it is going really well,” Grice said. “I have a good batting average and I have started every day in left field.”

Being a true leader is more than leading by example while on the field. Grice can be seen teaching and motivating his teammates as well as shouting encouraging messages.

“I try very hard to lead,” Grice said. “I believe strongly in leading by example, especially with the younger guys. I try to show them what to do and how to compose yourself during the game. Me and the other seniors have tried to take hold of this team and lead them into the direction we think it should be going.”

That leadership has not gone unnoticed by his head coach Allen Ponder.

“Adam is every coach’s dream,” Ponder said. “He gives everything he’s got every day and he does it with the same positive attitude. He is a natural born leader and that is a character trait that can’t be taught. He has been a pleasure to coach and will definitely be missed next year.”

While on the field, Grice believes his best attribute is his speed. The senior’s eight stolen bases have helped his offense put pressure on opponents’ defense and it also comes in handy while playing in left field.

“I normally don’t slug the ball to the fence,” Grice said. “If I can get the ball on the ground I can find a way to get on base.”

Grice gives a lot of credit and thanks to Ponder for teaching him how to be a leader over the last two years. Ponder’s “never give up attitude” has rubbed off on Grice and his teammates.

“Coach Ponder has driven that into us hard this year,” Grice said. “He has been incredible. He is teaching us all sort of things like how to play the game, like the little things that help you win games.”

Grice put his never give up attitude on display earlier this week in a game against Escambia. With his team down 4-2, Grice hit is first homerun of the season to tie the game at four. When arriving back at the dugout, his team awarded him with the silent treatment.

“That is a running joke,” Grice said. “We have had two other homeruns this year and we have done it to both of those guys. You’re expecting a big welcome back, its funny. It’s just a thing we do.”

With his senior season winding down Grice wants to finish his career on a high note and do whatever he can for the program.

“I would just like to do whatever I can for the team,” Grice said. “I want to help them out. This is my last year and it mean’s a lot to me to enjoy every second of it win, lose or draw.”