student athlete: Dendy juggles life as an athlete and as a student during her senior year

Published 3:00 am Thursday, March 10, 2016


Pike Liberal Arts senior softball player Kayla Dendy is a student athlete in the truest sense of the word.

As well as being a standout softball player, Dendy also played varsity basketball and serves as SGA chaplain, class chaplain, secretary of the calculus club and president of the Fellowship of Christian Students. While not in school Dendy is the vice president of the Twenty-One club.

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“It’s really hard trying to keep up with it,” Dendy said. “I have a calendar that tells me what to do at each time. My dad also helped me create a spreadsheet to help me stay up to date.”

From writing papers during the day to playing games at night, Dendy’s day is always busy from beginning to end.

“I try to work on stuff throughout the day,” Dendy said. “I get home kind of late most of the time because we have games or practice. It’s kind of hard sometimes to go to sleep late, but it’s worth it to be able to play sports.”

For Dendy being on the softball field or in the gym is a release and she is able to push everything else to the back of her mind.

“I love playing sports,” Dendy said. “I am very competitive, which is good for me. I have always played sports. It has always been my relaxation.”

Dendy first played softball as a 4-year-old on the rec fields. She started playing basketball in seventh grade, but admits softball is her favorite.

“It’s the team,” Dendy said. “Your playing for a team, you’re not playing for yourself. That’s what I love most. I have always been interested in softball.”

Dendy and her teammates have grown up playing the sport together, and that familiarity leads to their success on the field.

“We have all known each other for a long time,” Dendy said. “We know each other’s strengths. We try and support each other and do our best to win.”

The 2016 softball season brought a change at head coach for Dendy and the Patriots. Head coach Robert Rollan arrived on the scene and the seniors such as Dendy have been asked to step up and lead in his first season.

“I try to be more vocal because I am more of a quiet person,” Dendy said. “I am trying to be more outgoing and try to help my team get some wins.”

Even though sports are very important to Dendy, her relationship with God always comes first, before anything else. Dendy uses her opportunity of playing softball as a means of intertwining her Christian life into her athletic life.

“God is my Number One,” Dendy said. “While I’m on the field I try to display that while I play.”

Dendy also gets to play with her sister, sophomore sister Katelyn Dendy, something she appreciates.

“It’s really exciting to be able to play with her,” Kayla Dendy said. “She keeps me up and positive. She has already been supportive of me. We always try to help each other in everything we do.”

The family affair doesn’t stop there. Dendy’s cousin, Danielle Brown is also on the team and plays first base.

After high school, Dendy will turn her sights to her college and Samford University, where she plans to study pharmaceuticals. With her softball career coming to a close Dendy will always miss the game.

“I know I am going to miss it,” Dendy said. “I will come watch Katelyn play, but I decided not to play because I am going to do pharmacy and that is a big responsibility. I know I am going to miss it and cry and be over emotional. I just want to focus on other things while in college.”