Former World Series champ coaches son to victory

Published 3:00 am Wednesday, July 29, 2015

In 1991 the Troy Dixie Boys traveled to South Carolina with the chance of winning the Dixie Boys World Series. Al Renfroe and the Dixie Boys walked away champions. Twenty-four years later, Renfroe, an assistant coach, will now help coach his son, Scott Taylor Renfroe and the Troy Ozone team towards a World Series title in South Carolina.

The Troy O-Zone team won the State Championship last week in Centreville giving them the opportunity to travel to Lexington, S.C. Aug. 2 for their shot at a World Series Title.

“It’s awesome. There are very few people that get the opportunity to play in a World Series,” Al Renfroe said. “It makes it that much more special to be able to go through all of this with my son. I learned that watching my kids go through things is more enjoyable than participating in it myself.”

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The fact that both of them will travel to South Carolina together puts icing on the cake for the father, Renfroe said.

“It’s a fun side story. If for nothing more, it is fun our family,” Renfroe said. “Its pretty cool for something like this to happen.”

The memories that will be forged between the two will last for many years the same way that Renfroe remembers his time in South Carolina 24 years ago.

Many years later, from the traveling to playing in the games is what sticks out for Renfroe.

“I remember the games, and I remember certain plays,” Renfroe said. “We had a few days off and we went to an amusement park for the day. The time up there and hanging out with teammates are awesome memories.”

The difference between the state of baseball between the time that Renfroe played to now with his son is night and day, the former World Series champ said. Baseball is a year-round sport with the spotlight firmly on each player.

Joking with some of his former teammates, Renfroe said his team from years before would have no chance against his current team, as well other teams in the area.

“The level they play at, at age 12 is unbelievable,” Renfroe said. “The talent level is so much better. They play so much, and they get such good coaching and direction. Just having good quality coaches plays in the amount of success they have had.”

Renfroe and Scott Taylor will travel to South Carolina hoping, of course, to win the World Series. But, Renfroe hopes that his son Scott Taylor will remember much more than the final outcome of the tournament.

“First and foremost, they are there to win it. I hope he gets to experience that,” Renfroe said. “That was their ultimate goal when they first started. That would be an awesome experience for the entire team. But, as a father, what I want for him to get out of this is for him to enjoy the experience and the exposure. He gets to play against the best players around the southeast and I hope he can enjoy the exposure to that.”

Renfroe urged his son and his teammates to enjoy everything from waiting in the hotel room to hanging out with the players. He also said that this may be the only time they can experience the Major League experience.

Renfroe does expect his team to travel to South Carolina and do more than have a good time, he expects a winning performance.

“If you can pitch and hit you can win,” Renfroe said. “This team is so deep in pitching. We have had three complete games in the state tournament. The pitching they have is really good. Hitting wise we unofficially hit .422, which would be an Alabama O-Zone State Tournament record. They have really killed the ball, one-through 12 in the lineup has really hit the ball well.”