Alexander and the gymnosophists

Alexander the Great was born in Pella in 356 BC. He became king of Macedon in 336 and began a 13 year rule that saw ... Read more

Going back to your roots

Around the New Year, everyone around me always makes New Year’s resolutions. Read more

Alabama’s 2014 elections will be sleepers

With each passing day it becomes less likely that Gov. Robert Bentley will get any serious opposition in his reelection bid. Read more

Pike County poised for successful 2014

Unlike many regions in the United States, Pike County has withstood the economic recession and has come out of the economic downturn stronger than ever. Read more

Some might object

Last week I said that the offshoring of jobs due to high salaries of American workers indicated strength in the economy. Read more

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Opinion Columnists

Spring fever brings memories of cleaning and camp

Daffodils bring on spring fever, and I’ve had a full-blown case of it. Not the kind of spring fever you get when you’re young and in ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Jackson: Loggers, roads remain a concern

In January of 2013 the Pike County Commission determined to forgo a possible logging ordinance, after several meetings at which representatives from the logging industry ... Read more

Let’s keep shoppers here in Troy

I believe Troy, Alabama is a wonderful town to live in. It’s full of wonderful food options, from a delicious hibachi restaurant to popular fast ... Read more

Let’s add bowling, laser tag

“Mayor for a Day”, wow, that would be amazing! Troy is a wonderful place to live. I would like to be Mayor for a day ... Read more

Troy is an ‘excellent’ place to live

Troy, Alabama is an excellent place to live. There are many good things that Troy has to offer such as a university that brings in ... Read more

Public transportation would benefit Troy

The “Mayor for the Day Contest” is a great idea. It lets students have a voice in the city government. Hopefully, it will also help ... Read more