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Budget woes hit clerk’s office

Published 10:59pm Friday, March 8, 2013

State budget cuts are forcing circuit and district clerks’ offices statewide to close to the public each Wednesday.

Jamie Scarbrough, Pike County Circuit Clerk, shared the order issued by Chief Justice Roy Moore on March 6 mandating that all clerks’ offices close to the public each Wednesday beginning March 20.

The shutdown is prompted by state budget cuts, according to Moore’s order.

Scarbrough said the state judicial system budget has been reduced by $25 million since 2001, resulting in the loss of 498 employees. “I have a working staff of 43 percent (or full staff) which includes five full-time employees who are each doing the work of two people,” Scarbrough said.  Because of that reduction, staff members are having difficult processing paperwork and cases.

“The mandate will not help with the lack of funding but it will give the clerks’ office uninterrupted time to handle paperwork pertaining to divorces, child support, criminal convictions, collecting of money, and all other traffic and high volume calling that comes through the courthouse daily.

There is no good day of the week to close our offices to the public, but we have no other options,” Scarbrough said. “Without this mandate, we are unable to process any needed files and paperwork adequately.”

Scarbrough said the Wednesday close provides a much needed break that would help meet the expectations of the people in Pike County, and employees will remain at work as always and will be available for any emergency situations. The Pike County Circuit Clerk office is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8 to 5 p.m..

  1. johngalt781

    “I have a working staff of 43 percent (or full staff) which includes five full-time employees who are each doing the work of two people,” Scarbrough said. This is the mindset of lazy americans. Especially anyone working in any form of government. The statement is clearly an oxymoron and absolutely impossible of becoming a fact. It is impossible for one person to produce the work of two. There’s no baseline to work from. A person is hired to produce the maximum amount they are capable of producing in a given time frame.If one person can build 5 widgets a day and another can build 10 widgets a day it does not indicate the one building 10 is doing the work of two. In reality it indicates the one building only 5 is not as productive a person. That’s exactly why in privately owned business there exist different rates of pay. The more productive a person is the more an employer can afford to pay them.

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  2. bobby1jay

    OK I work with 20 people, 10 people get laid off, now
    I am doing the work that 2 people usually do

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  3. johngalt781

    WDM you are right. I do “think” . Something most are not capable of is critical thought. Many are much more interested in being politically correct than expressing truth based on facts. John Galt was an intelligent character so i stole his name.

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  4. Harry

    johngait78 , if the 78 indicates your birth year you don’t have enough knowledge nor experience to know what a person is capable of . At the age of 80 I know for a fact that one person can do the work that two people normally do . You probably couldn’t because your the type who overthinks things instead of producing .

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  5. bobby1jay

    John, I also had to support the non producing dead wood.
    What was your job?

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  6. bobby1jay

    John, Looks like you were the deadwood I had to support.
    58 ain’t old…

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  7. bobby1jay

    John, you did not answer the question, What is or was your job?

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  8. johngalt781

    Curly the use of the infrastructure is a benefit to me . One of which i’m not willing to pay more than every other person for the use of. That’s what going galt does. It is purposely cutting back production to a level whereas i pay the same or less in taxes as everyone else. It’s not being a bum , it’s achieving equilibrium by design in such a way as not to pay more taxes to benefit others personally by way of funding entitlements. It would be cutting off my nose to spit my face If i were missing any needs or luxuries in life. That is not the case.I willingly choose not to produce more than my needs to provide for the needs and luxuries of others. Society (government) has indoctrinated people to work harder and acquire all that is possible . What they are really saying is work harder so we can extort more from you to give to others. It’s more logical to achieve a plateau in life that comforts one and at the same time work less in order to enjoy life itself. Yes i intend to apply for my ponzi scheme benefits as soon as eligible because i have been forced to pay for them all my life. Others will do the same and that’s why SS is insolvent and will not survive in its present form.

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  9. bobby1jay

    John, are you going to answer my question?

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  10. bobby1jay

    OK John, farmer or farm hand is an honorable job, thanks for an answer.

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