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Five contested district races on ballot in Pike County

Published 11:10pm Friday, November 2, 2012

There are five contested races for seats on the Pike County Commission and Pike County School Board on the ballot for Tuesday’s election.

In District 1, incumbent Commissioner Homer Wright is facing off with Walter Murphy. Murphy could not be reached for comment Friday, but Wright said he’s seeking re-election in order to see unfinished projects through. He also said he’d like to find ways to generate funds for the county without costing taxpayers any more money.

In District 3, incumbent Commissioner Jimmy Barron is being challenged by Samuel Lewis.

Barron has served for eight years as a county commissioner and also on the South Central Development Board in Montgomery.

“I want to seek funding and grants in order to pave our roads and repair bridges in Pike County,” Barron said. “I would like to continue working with economic development and the commission to recruit new business so we can provide more jobs to the people in Pike County.”

At Thursday night’s political forum in Troy, Samuel Lewis said he’d like to take on the job of Pike County commissioner because he believes he has the experience and ability to do a good job.

Lewis is a Purple Heart recipient. He served in the reserves for 28 years and worked for the highway department for 33 years. And he’s a Pike County native who said he still lives “rock throwing distance” from where he was born.

In District 4, Ryan Flowers is taking on incumbent Commissioner Ray Goodson.

Flowers said creating “good paying” jobs is at the top of his to do list if he’s elected to the county commission. He’d also like to see repairs made to the county jail.

“I want to see us move in a direction that will benefit everyone in Pike County,” Flowers said at the political forum Thursday night.

Longtime commissioner, Goodson couldn’t be reached for comment Friday because he spent the day out meeting with his constituents, according to his wife.

In District 6, both candidates for county commission are newcomers. Doristine Sankey and Joey Jackson would both like to represent their district on the commission.

Jackson’s platform during his campaign has been to improve roads and bridges in Pike County. He also values local business and is a small business owner, himself. Jackson said he’d like to see work done to help local businesses grow.

Sankey, a lifelong Pike County resident, has a background in volunteer work and education and said schools, the elderly and infrastructure were just a few of her passions.

“There are different issues and differences of opinion out there,” Sankey said during a prior interview with The Messenger. “I’d like to be able to sit on the commission and come up with a collective solution to problems.”

Chris Wilkes currently sits on the Pike County School Board as a representative of District 6, but Jim Knight believes he’s the man for the job.

Wilkes has served on the board for six years and said he’s involved in the school system because his children school in Goshen. Wilkes said he believes the school board is in the middle of some wonderful advancements in the school system and there are more on the horizon he’d like to see through.

“Our school system has remained stable,” Wilkes said at Thursday night’s candidate forum in reference to how well Pike County schools have fared during tough economic times.

Jim Knight is hoping his background in education will afford him the chance to serve on the school board. Knight has 35 years experience in education and he has the time and energy to devote to the school system, he said.

Knight told those present at Thursday night’s forum that his day-to-day knowledge of the school system makes him a good choice.

Polls open on Tuesday at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. Voter status, sample ballots and poll location information can be found at


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  1. Truth Teller

    For years, I have read these articles and this message board. I have never felt the need to comment, but there was a something that happened recently and another thing I saw on a board that I checked out for myself. “Mysnbama” alluded that Daryl Calhoun had forged some of the notary signatures on his finance reports which are filed for public viewing. These forms can be seen on the Secretary of State’s Webstie. Since he opened this can of worms with his continuous reference & public spreading of how Mrs. Scarbrough has had campaign contributions (which is perfectly legal and has happened since the beginning of time, so long as they are reported); I decided to look at them myself. It is obvious that Mr. Calhoun has forged his wife’s name to his forms, considering they match his handwriting perfectly. Why has there been nothing done about this? Karen Berry didn’t even commit forgery, and she was prosecutedn for a misdemeanor! This is a felony, isn’t it? Are spouses supposed to notarize forms? And Mrs. Calhoun isn’t exactly innocent herself; he has signed her name and used her seal! Why is he even allowed to run for office? This is a disgrace. THIS is a “slap in the face”. For a man who has chosen to run on the democratic ticket, to tell the parents at PLAS and his church that “I am not an Obama-Democrat”, this is truly the slap in the face. You cannot play both sides of the fence Mr. Calhoun. You tell one race you are not an Obama-Democrat, then you tell the other race that Mrs. Scarbrough doesn’t support Obama. She is on the republican ticket, isn’t that obvious? At least she isn’t trying to say one thing to one group and then another thing to another group. You are a disgrace to anyone running for public office. Do the people at PLA and your church know that when you come down here to Brundidge, depending on the color of the skin you are talking to, that you support Obama? It is demeaning to know that you tell me one thing and then you tell your friends “I am not an Obama-Democrat”. Unlike some, I do know you. Unlike some, I have known you for years. This disgusts me. All I have to say is that Karen Berry should be knocking on the da’s door bright & early tomorrow morning.

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  2. Whatdoyaknow

    Serious question. Does Mr. Knight live in Troy or outside the city limits? The article does not mention this nor whether he has family that attends the Pike County School System. I am just curious.
    Where would I find more information about what you stated Truth Teller? This does seem a bit concerning if found true.

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  3. Truth Teller

    It is blocking me from posting…go to the secretary of states website. It took me a while, but you can find them under FCPA reports. The forgeries are in april & may.

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  4. Truth Teller

    Troy Messenger Board was blocking my response from going through. You have to type in his name when you go to view the reports. it is the same signature as his!!! how did he get away with this? She has a ladies signature and he signed her name in the same writing as his. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it Pike County?

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  5. Chozen

    This is bad. This man has told me time and time again why I should vote for him. He has accused Jamie of taking donations illegally from attorneys and judges. It appears that he is the one that has broken the law, right in front of our faces, and it is on a public website for all of us to see. I am one of the people that he went to school with and he told me that he supports the democratic party and my president. He has asked for our support. I have know Jamie for many years to and she has always been very nice to me and my family. Now I am the one who has his sign in my yard and I look like a fool. Thios is a violation of our trust. You are know different than the law breakers that you want to sign warrants on. Why? Why would you be so stupid to keep telling peoople about these forms and her donations, knowing they would look at them, knowing they would look at yours to? Knowing that you, Daryl, had forged your wifes name on them? I guess we will never know, because he won’t be around to answer these quesions. He is only around to beg for our support against someone that has proven herself to be good for this county. I am sick that i belived you. You tell your friends at school in Troy that you ain’t no Obama Democrat. Well, i ain’t no Calhoun supporter either! I hope everyone sees this. I hope everyone knows the criminal you are.

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  6. Whatdoyaknow

    Do you mean this? I must admit it is a bit strange. Especially the differences in the L in the signatures.

    Maybe it was just a result of signing at different times in the day or maybe not…

    I would still like more informant on Mr. Knight. Mr. Wilkes stated his vested interest in being on the school board. Besides being a former educator, does Mr. Knight have someone within the county school system?
    I live in this district, but within the city. So I feel I should make the choice that would be best for the county kids. I am not sure why we in the city can vote for the board members for the county anyway. But if I am to vote, I want to vote as an informed citizen.

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  7. CHHS1supporter

    Truth Teller, I did go look and I did not see a problem. You mentioned Karen Berry (A convicted Felon), what I did notice was that Karen Berry was listed as a contributor to Mrs. Scarbrough’s campaign. I also noticed that Mrs. Scarbrough had amended her finance report showing two prominent layers here in Pike County giving her $700 dollars each on November 17, but she didn’t remember it until March. Really? Another thing I have noticed is Mrs.Scarbrough’s online advertising here on the messenger. When you click on it, it is linked to the Pike County Circuit Clerk’s website, which is funded by Alabama taxpayers. This is clearly evidence of her using her office for personal gain. I am quite sure this is an ethics violation.

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  8. BH1880

    I have always voted a split ticket, seeking the best for Pike County. This year a Democrat has convinced me to vote a strait Republican ticket.

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  9. mysnbama

    Thanks Stacy! CHHS1supporter – before making such a statement as, “This is clearly evidence of her using her office for personal gain” perhaps you should learn how to research before making such statements! “Evidence” is proof; therefore, you should have been able to provide “evidence” that Ms. Scarbrough had any control over this. I suppose you will have to resort to other character attacking strategies!

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  10. Mook

    This is why I don’t vote for the party but for the person. Years ago I used to vote a straight ticket but as I got older and more wiser and mature I realized I was voting for the party and not the person. I don’t catagorzie myself as republican nor democrate but I do tend to sway more to the democrate side. I always view both sides because everyone running on the democrate ticket doesn’t mean that’s the best person for the job and vice versa for republican. If we would stand our own grown and not go on what our parents or grandparents or friends are doing and make our own decisions we would have better people in offices. Don’t vote a straight democrate or republican ticket just because family or friends are doing it. Vote for the person you feel is better to serve the people regardless of race or commitment to friends or neighbors. Do the right thing and vote what your heart feels.

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  11. Bill_OReally

    Wait…Ms. Scarbrough got a $5,000.00 donation from an individual in Pascagoula, Mississippi on September 15, 2012?! Wow that was mighty generous considering they don’t even live here! I wonder if that was a cousin, uncle or just a REALLY nice person.

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  12. BH1880

    I am voting a straight Republican ticket because of what the Democrats have done. In almost 60 years the paved road in front of my house has been resurfaced once. The US no longer the leader in anything. At one time the US was the bread basket of the world, I dough the US now has the ability to feed or cloth it’s self. The Air Force is flying some planes designed and built when Eisenhower was president. The education system has been taken away from the parents and given to the government, with the expected results. The debt is at $16 trillion ($6 of which came in the last 4 years), at $1 million a day it would take over 48 thousand years to pay off and the US is only 235 years old. What will the liberals and Democrats do when they run out of our money.

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  13. BH1880

    What are they doing?

    Even though OSCE says they are not directly affiliated with the United Nations, Secretary Chapman says that Alabama elections are never a place for UN involvement.

    “They may believe that they are going to be watching ‘everything and everyone’ on Tuesday, but the truth of the matter is, they will be watching what they can from at least 30 feet behind the doors of a polling place. Anyone who sees otherwise should call our office immediately,” Secretary Chapman said.

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