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Troy man arrested for assault in locker room brawl

Published 5:01pm Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Troy man has been arrested for his involvement in an altercation following a football game last week that sent a Goshen High School assistant coach to the hospital.

Jason Larenzo Simmons, 36, turned himself into the Pike County Sheriff’s Department at about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday and was charged with second-degree assault. Lawmen say he allegedly struck a coach following the school’s Aug. 30 football game against Pike County High School. Simmons is the father of two Goshen students.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, striking a school official or teacher in the performance of their duty is a class C felony. Simmons was released after he posted bond, which was set at $5,000.

Sheriff Russell Thomas said petitions have also been issued against four Goshen football players, all minors, who where also involved.

“We will go ahead this week and move forward with administrative hearing with the school system,” Pike County Schools Superintendent Mark Bazzell told the The Messenger. “Three of the four have already withdrawn from the school system. There is one other who may face some disciplinary action, but that will be handled at the local school level.”

The incident began with one of Goshen’s players being disruptive in the field house. Coaches and other players attempted to calm him down and that’s when things escalated. Police say Simmons rushed inside the field house and punched one of the coaches. The coach was treated for minor injuries at Troy Regional Medical Center and was released shortly thereafter.

Weeks said last week that changes to game polices and procedures are in the works and restricting certain areas on and around the field would be at the top of that list.

Bazzell shares Weeks’ resolve to prevent future episodes from happening.

“The incident that occurred last Thursday is certainly out of character for the Goshen community and Goshen High School,” Bazzel said. “It’s unfortunate. It’s certainly not something we are going to tolerate.”

Weeks could not be reached for comment on Tuesday.

Robbyn Brooks contributed to this report.

  1. raadar

    Such a sad state of affairs. I pray for the Goshen players that are left to pick up the pieces after this and I pray for guidance for the football coaches, they have a long road ahead of them.

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  2. Curly

    Don’t get me wrong, the parent should definitely be charged, but a Class B Felony? First off according to the Alabama Law Code, assaulting a teacher while they are performing their duty is Second Degree Assault and a Class C felony unless I am missing something, but really, I’d think something like this should be a Class A Misdemeanor.

    Assault First Degree

    Assault Second Degree

    From Assault Second Degree:
    (5) With intent to cause physical injury to a teacher or to an employee of a public educational institution during or as a result of the performance of his or her duty, he or she causes physical injury to any person.

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  3. Princess

    Smh, It’s okay big cousin. You can’t help he can’t fight but was quick to jack your child up on a wall! Bet he want touch nobody elses kids!

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  4. Whatdoyaknow

    Now, what will happen to those kids mentioned? Where will they go to school? Are they still in school at Goshen?

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  5. proudgoshenmom

    Wow it seems strange to me that no one else in the locker room saw the coaches “jacking” the kid up as claimed. All I have talked to have had the same story to tell and it certainly wasn’t one of the coach assaulting anyone. Seems to me if the coach did “jack” someone up they would be the one arrested not the parent. Regardless of that this should have NEVER happened. What about all the innocent kids that had to witness the attack on the coach and how upset they were and still are.

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  6. BLOOD

    I wish this had not happened too, but it did. Some of those folks need an anger management class. Most children respect and love their coaches despite the occasional scolding. Those coaches might need some de-escalation training. He probably would have been able to diffuse that situation.

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  7. Hilltop

    Goshen might need to cancel this season. I can only imagine the potential for more trouble at future home games. I don’t want my tax money to have to pay for all the additional security that will now be required.

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  8. showdown482

    No way Bart hit a kid or let another coach hit a kid… Sounds like Jason let that temper get out of control again. He can use his legal papers and get out of it… he gets a craxy check so he won’t be charged !!!

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  9. Trojanparents

    Sign of the Times= 30 years ago, my dad would have pulled me out of the locker room for disrespecting my team & coaches, then I would have gotten a real beating when I got home. Now, parents, “cousins”, and family members are so quick to justify bad behavior from our youth. They have no accountability, no respect, and lack basic survival skills (and I don’t mean FIGHTING, I mean RESPECT and the ability to function in a social environment). Parents and family members should really be ashamed that YOU are condoning this behavior by these ridiculous posts. Who in their right mind defends behavior like this when you know it is wrong. My child would be humiliated if I had gone into a locker room and behaved this way. Despite the “ways of the world”, this is not cool. If my son were being jerked around by a coach, my first thought is, he probably did something to deserve it!

    Hilarious comment above: “I graduated at highest rank” I am assuming you didn’t put “valedictorian”, because you couldn’t spell it?? Most people at “highest rank” know what that rank is called. This is all such b.s.

    To the Goshen family and parents, keep your faith and your pride. Only about 2% of people think like these folks on here. Luckily, it is probably contained to their family members. There is no excuse for this & if you had any self-respect, you wouldnt even be on here with this jibberish!

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  10. Trojanparents

    Sorry. That highest rank comment was on the other article, not this one. It’s still amusing!

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  11. tonyclifton

    These are sad times in Goshen land. The town should get behind Bart. He is a great guy and want find a better man than him. He cant help a few disgruntle players who apparently have no respect for authority bully their way on the team. If they withdrew as the paper indicated Pike Lib could use a few players.

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  12. bamateach

    I admire the coaching staff at GHS for removing an unruly player from the sidelines and escorting them to the locker room. You have to have respect to wear the uniform. And it is a AHSAA rule that only sportsman-like activity is to occur at the game, and it is my understanding that the main player in question was not displaying sportsman-like actions. It is a crying shame that a parent, cousin, other family member or friend, would go so low as to assault a faculty member. Teachers and coaches are underpaid as it is, they should NOT have to watch their backs when they are doing their job. Goshen already has quite a bit of security at the games, I am sure this will just change their location and heighten their awareness. There will be no “extra” tax dollars that have to go out to help pay for “added” security. They will realign their forces. How have we come so low as to blame the teacher or coach and NOT the child? I can guarantee that 85-90% of the teachers out there do not make up stories to tell parents, because they have 90 something kids that they teach every day and if they made up stories to tell parents so they could get the child in trouble they’d be so confused. So most likely if a teacher reports an issue with your child, there is one … he or she is not making it up. I guess this situation shows where kids are learning respect from … they’re not!

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  13. BLOOD

    The “pot can’t call the kettle black”. Degrading someone and calling them ignorant is not teaching our children to be kind and refined. We all need to act more mature. I was not in the locker room, but I am concerned. The Jerry Sandusky case went on for years while some folk’s worshiped his nasty behind. I am not taking sides, but we were not there either. The DA and the judge will get to the bottom of this foolishness.

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  14. ducey

    These thugs not only were disrespectful on the field but in the classroom, at votech , and on busez. They dont deserve to be in school with kids who actually want to learn. I hope they are never allowed back. Maybe it will send a message to the rest of the trouble making disrespecting thugs.

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