Cleven Harris Family embroiled in a ‘Family Feud’

Published 7:43 pm Friday, May 3, 2024

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Cleven Harvis and four family members decided to audition for an appearance on the very popular television game show, Family Feud.

“Our family loves to talk and laugh and joke around and we’re not shy,” Harvis said. “So, Raven thought five of us would make a good team and all the other family members would support us.”

Almost, surprisingly, the Harvis family was granted a conference call, which was their first step to Family Feud.

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“We weren’t nervous at all on the conference. We gave funny and clever answers to the questions that we were asked,” Harvis said. “We had a fun time so we thought we just might have a chance to go the Atlanta for an in-person audition.

Hopes were high that “just maybe…”

After what seemed like a long time, the Harvis family was notified that they qualified for an in- person audition.

“We were all excited and were anxious for our time to audition in Atlanta, and the opportunity to meet Family Feud host Steve Harvey,” Harvis said. “At the audition I thought, we all thought, that we had good answers Steve Harvey, laughed at lot at our responses to his questions.”

Steve Harvey was a down to earth kind of guy, Harvis said.

“He was easy to talk to and we all felt very comfortable around him. We laughed at some of his questions and he laughed at our answers so we all felt good about the in-person interview.”

Not knowing much, if anything, about being on a television quiz show, the Harvis family was, perhaps, a little disappointed when they were told that it would be about a year before they would be on television.

That was nine years ago.

As the years went by, Harvis said he was beginning to think that, for whatever reason, the hope and promise of being on America’s hottest game show was slowly fading, almost to the point of the family’s willing acceptance. Then, it happened. They made “the Feud!”

A day was set for the Harvis’ taping of Family Feud. The family left for Atlanta with tempered excitement.

There were no pipe dreams of more than one appearance, for ‘big money’ or a shiny new car.

The Harvis family was just happy to have one shining moment.

The Harvis family was embarking on a moon landing kind of experience. They had no great expectations of what it would be once they were there.

“We went to Atlanta to have a good time and not be disappointed if we didn’t win,” Harvis said. “We had been told what to wear that would show up on television and not try to plan being funny just let it happen.”

Raven Harvis had the original idea of the Harvis family being on “Family Feud,” so she was chosen to be team captain. Every family member would have a chance to answer a question or questions.

When the Harvis family arrived for the taping of the show, they were housed in the show trailer where their faces were powered, their hair combed and everything was made suitable for the camera.

The men had been told to wear a suit and tie and the women to wear dresses or pant suits. And to “be natural.”

When the camera rolled, the Harvis family was “naturally, there to have fun.

“Steve Harvey is hilarious. He kept us laughing so we were at ease,” Harvis said.

So, comfortable that the Harvis family won the first game, and the second and they kept winning and winning against teams “from the northern, states.”

The team won the “fast money” where two members of the Harvis family attempted to guess the highest scoring answers to five different questions within the time limit.

As icing on the cake, the Harvis family also won Jeep Commander.

The Harvis family celebrated their exciding adventure with a watch part at Mo’s on the night of the family’s television debut. However, when Family Feud aired, the family was outside talking and laughing about their experiences as TV celebrities, they missed their debut.

For the Harvis family and all others who missed them on “the Feud,” it will run again this week at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.  Monday through Thursday.