TroyFest Scholarship winners recognized

Published 8:06 pm Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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Mary Samson Dunn will receive the Jean Lake Scholarship.

Mary Samson Dunn will receive the Jean Lake Scholarship on Saturday during the Student Art Awards to be presented at noon in the Johnson Center. The $1,000 Jean Lake Scholarship is sponsored by the Troy Arts Council.

Pam Smith, said the most amazing thing about Mary Samson’s artwork is her versatility.

“She has drawings and paintings that are so realistic that they look like photographs, and then very creative abstracts, pieces that express a variety of emotion,” Smith said. “Through Mary Samson’s art she shows us into her world through her memories and observations. She challenged herself to find depth and diversity in her artwork and was very successful. We as the viewer can get lost in the many stories she is telling.”

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The Charles Adams Scholarship winner was presented with her award on Tuesday at Adams Glass Studio on Highway 231. Jesall Patel was awarded $500 by Mary Adams in memory of her husband, Charles.

“Jesall will not be able to attend the art awards program on Saturday during TroyFest, so we thought it would be fitting to have Mary Adams award her the Charles Adams Art Scholarship at the Adams Glass Studio,” Smith said.

“Jesall’s artwork is based on drawing objects that have a family connection. Her style is very realistic and she depicts the family treasures in interesting points of view. It is like we, as the viewers, get a glimpse into her life. Beautiful technique in details and color contrast hold your interests while viewing Jesall’s drawings.”

Jesall Patel 

Charles Henderson High School

“The artwork I have turned in for this scholarship is work I have done for my (AD) Advanced Placement art portfolio, Jesall said.  “The basis for my portfolio is objects that look ordinary but are actually items passed down from generations.”

Jesall said gathering items to do this project was a journey through time and family history.

“Each object carries with it a story, a memory and a sense of connection to my family’s past,” Jesall said. “After photographing the objects, I then began to sketch and color each individual piece. I had so much fun when creating these pieces and I hope others will enjoy them as well.

Mary Samson Dunn

Charles Henderson High School

Mary Samson’s first painting was a flower in preschool.

“I was hooked, Mary Samson said. “I have experimented with a variety of mediums and love them all, which is evident in my portfolio.”

Mary Samson is especially interested in photo realism and pencil drawing.

“One of my portfolio pieces was completed in 90 seconds as an entertainment talent in Distinguished Young Women,” she said. “In contrast of painting watercolor tones and tediously recreating my favorite memories of family vacations.”

As a people watcher, the people she is around, and even strangers, have become the main subjects depicted in her art. I love seeing the world through art.

About Jean Lake

Jean Lake

Jean Lake was born in Troy and was a natural artist. Her talent was developed in the solitude of her small kitchen on Orange Street. As she painted, family members and friends would often sit beside her, amazed at her ability to paint with such great feeling for the rural South that she loved. TroyFest is rooted in the Jean Lake Art Festival, an outgrowth of the Troy Art Show, continues today as TroyFest.  Jean Lake’s artwork is much desired among collectors of folk art. Her work hangs at the Johnson Center for Arts and the Pioneer Museum of Alabama.

About Charles Adams

Charles Adams

Charles Adams was a talented stained glass artist who, in college, learned from Ed Walter, a noted glass artist. Adams created art from his college days in the 1960s until shortly before his death in 2021. The family business began as Adams’ Nut Shop in 1953 and continues today as Adams Glass Studio.  Adams traveled throughout the Southeast displaying at arts and crafts shows. He installed stained glass windows in churches throughout the Southeast and his glass artwork was popular in homes and businesses. He served as a rural letter carrier and retired after 30 years.