A day inside “The Gem atop the Hill”

Published 11:11 am Thursday, March 14, 2024

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By Tyler Steele

Tyler Steele is a student intern with Troy University. 

Charles Henderson High School, also known as “the gem atop the hill,” is a public school located in Troy that offers classes for ninth through 12th graders. Students are taught your core classes, such as math, science, English, and history, but students also have a choice on electives to take as well.

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When students and visitors walk through the office door, they are greeted by Sheree Fox. Fox gives students and guests the information they need to get to their location on campus. From visitor passes to bell schedules, Fox always knows how to help or who to get you in contact with.

The Troy Messenger had the opportunity to talk to Lise Fayson, the current principal of Charles Henderson High School. Fayson has an office filled with pictures, yearbooks, and a lot of binders all marked with the CHHS emblem.

Fayson can be found traveling through the hallways of CHHS, in a meeting, or talking to one of her coworkers or students

Principal Fayson gave the Messenger a short tour of the campus on the way to Alissa Jordan’s classroom. From picnic tables to students going on field trips, Charles Henderson High School has a campus full of activity.

The Messenger sat in a chemistry class being taught by Jordan, one of the science teachers at the high school. Jordan uses her twenty years of teaching experience to keep her classroom organized, educational, and productive.

During Jordan’s second block class, students started the period with review and worksheets to practice. All thirteen of Jordan’s students got to help their peers, answer questions, and complete an equation on the board for the class.

One of the Jordan’s sophomore Advanced Chemistry students talked a little bit about his experience in Jordan’s classroom.

“She’s a cool teacher,” said the student. “She’s always friendly in our chemistry class.”

Ms. Jordan keeps busy in-between lecturing students on new chemistry topics. While students are completing independent or group work, Ms. Jordan can be found sending emails, answering students’ questions, or getting the next lesson pulled up and ready.

Fayson talked a little about Jordan while walking to her classroom.

“She’s great,” said Fayson. “She really cares about the students.”

Angelo Wheeler, current Vice Principal of Charles Henderson High School, also let the Messenger sit in on one of his mentoring sessions. Wheeler hosts a group session for young men at the high school called “Men of Troy.”

“Men of Troy” meet a few times a month to hear Wheeler, or a guest speaker, give a life lesson. During this meeting, students were given cards with scenarios on them.

After each scenario was read out loud and students gave their opinions, the guest speaker at the time would give the students advice. Everything from criminal records to dropping out of high school, “Men of Troy” uses real world scenarios to educate the young men of the area on how to proceed with life decisions.

Wheeler ended the meeting with a word of encouragement to students. Wheeler is always there for a students’ needs and will always have a tough conversation with a student if needed.

Charles Henderson High School is home to a student body filled with “Trojan spirit.” From field trips to greeting teachers in the hallways, the students and teachers seem to have each other’s backs throughout the day.