Troy, Ala. in the eyes of college freshmen

Published 9:22 am Wednesday, January 31, 2024

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By Tyler Steele

Editor’s note: Tyler Steele is a student at Troy University and an intern with The Messenger. 

Troy has a population of about 17,000 residents, and more when you count the students at the university. Troy University is home to thousands of students from across the world every semester. People come from everywhere to continue their education at the university and experience the surrounding area.

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During the first week back from Winter and Summer break, students are greeted with activities and events hosted by the University Activities Council.

This year’s Welcome Week included activities such as Bingo, ziplining, and a Silent Disco. A Silent Disco is a music event where you are given headphones and choose from three different stations to listen to music. While everyone is dancing and listening to one of the three DJs to choose from, no one can hear what your headphones are playing.

“I really liked that there were options and you could change who you were listening to if you didn’t like the song,” said Corban Follmar, a freshman at the university.

The campus has places for students to dine, study, and even hang out with their friends. Groups of people can be seen everywhere on campus going about their daily tasks, but Troy has more to offer than just what you see at the university.

Brandon Clark, another freshman at the university, enjoys going downtown and hanging out around the historic side of Troy.

“[The Square] is what I always think about when talking about Troy. I love all the old buildings and being able to walk around to the different shops and stores,” said Clark.

Downtown Troy, also known as the Square, has many different food options, coffee shops, and stores for students and residents alike to enjoy. From classy dining to southern cooking, people are bound to find something new to try while walking around.

“I think everyone should just go out and explore the area more. There is a lot of cool and beautiful places you wouldn’t even know existed,” said Clark.

While some students enjoy the rustic feel of historic Troy, others enjoy the fast-paced environment of Highway 231. Just off George Wallace, the speed picks up as people are making their way through our town. Some are on the daily commute to work while others are headed to the beach for a quick vacation, but almost everyone is going to stop somewhere along this route.

Gas stations are lined up and down the highway, fast-food can be seen left and right, and students can be found almost everywhere. Many work at one of the many businesses along this highway, but others are just enjoying another day in Troy.

“I really like going thrifting and riding around with my friends,” said Ezekiel Miller, another freshman at Troy University.

Students of Troy University are working to receive degrees in over 170 different academic programs that the school offers, but they’re also enjoying and getting to know the community around them. While finding jobs, getting groceries, and trying to graduate, they’re also admiring the town they are now a part of.