Police Reports, Nov. 11, 2023

Published 6:22 pm Friday, November 10, 2023

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Nov. 3

Rease, Ha’Keem D, 22, Disorderly Conduct

Minor, Underage purchase/consumption/possession/transportation of Alcohol

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Minor, Disorderly Conduct

Minor, Domestic Assault

Williams, Kristopher R, 31, Alias Warrant

Russaw, Steven 41, Alias Warrants

Nov. 4

Townsend, Douglas, 58, DUI

Boykin, Steven I, 24, DUI

Coleman, Daquan H, 26, Alias Warrants

Hubbard, Elizabeth M, 39, Shoplifting, Alias Warrant

Phillips, Donald, 28, Shoplifting

Kelley, Summer L, 38, Capias Warrant

Johnson, Larry J, 47, DUI

Nov. 5

Brooks, Nickalus J, 43, Alias Warrant, Contempt of Court

Bassett, Vernon L, 44, Shoplifting

Adams, Antonio M, 39, Public Intoxication, Alias Warrant

Nov. 6

Wood, Baylor H, 23, Shoplifting

Martines, Jerry D, 52, Alias Warrant

Nov. 7

Harvis, Donnie Ray, 43, Violation of a Domestic Protection Order

Rodriguez, Devyn A, 26, Alias Warrants

Sims, Dazmond L, 33, Alias Warrants

Nov. 8

Sims, Dazmond l, 33, Alias Warrants

Greenwood, Jammie, 31, Domestic Assault

Ballard, Timothy, 51, Domestic Violence

Minor, Domestic Criminal Mischief

Milhouse, Krystal H, 38, DUI