Stepping into another great Trojan season

Published 7:28 pm Tuesday, September 5, 2023

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Lekeshia Hays is the wife of Troy University’s running back coach, Brock Hays. The couple has three young children. The family’s day begins each morning at 5:45 and the lights go out when dad comes home.

Lekeshia Hays needed some way to fill her free time.

She laughs at the mere mention of “free” time. However, Lekeshia is not one to twiddle her thumbs. She looks for, and finds, creative and worthwhile “ventures” to fill her “free” time.

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Lekeshia has had worthwhile employment opportunities during adult hood, however, motherhood, is job-one so her job search was close to home…and just outside her front door.

Just how the idea of personalized doormats occurred to Lekeshia, she’s not sure. Perhaps, it was when sand or sod was brought into her home on the soles of shoes. Or, perhaps, it was an idea that was triggered by an infomercial or at an arts/crafts show.

Or maybe, it just surfaced in LeKeshia’s idea bank.

“The doors to the inside of your home, need a doormat,” Lekeshia said. “So, why not make them welcome mats?”

And, with that, Keshia Kollectibles became a reality, with doormats as the stepping stone.

With Lekeshia’s creativity and outgoing personality, the Troy Trojan welcoming mats quickly attracted attention: “Sorry, I’m not home, Probably at The Vet”, was an immediate favorite among Trojan fans as was “Are You Ready for Some Trojan Football!”

“But, the welcome mats are custom designed so, yes, I do other teams,” Lekeshia said, with a smile. “Also, any welcoming mat that is requested, such as ‘Welcome to the (Jones),’”

Keshia Kollectibles is has a variety of other items including sleep bonnets for all ages that are designed to retain the hair’s moisture.

“Bonnets with cotton linings dry out the hair,” Lekeshia said, adding that her Kollectibles include masks that “will not fog.”

Keshia Kollectibles also offers paint parties with opportunities for participants to design and personalize their own welcome mats.

For more information about Keshia Kollectibles visit Keshia Kollectibles on Facebook and Instagram or email Lekeshia at