Trojan Station RV coming to Troy

Published 1:55 pm Tuesday, August 1, 2023

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Pike County’s newest RV park, Trojan Station RV, is getting set to open just in time for football season.

The RV park, located on Elba Highway, 2282 Alabama Highway 87, in Troy is on the site of a former trailer park. The owner of the new RV park, Joey Wiginton, is a Tallassee resident that has been a member of the staff at Faulkner University for nearly four decades.

Wiginton, who graduated from Faulkner, has served as vice president, assistant to the president, director of admissions and is now a fundraiser for the school. Despite his lengthy career with at Faulkner, he’s always felt a pull to another type of profession.

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“I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur,” he said. “I don’t know where it came from, my mom and dad never were and my sister and brother never were, either. I’ve just always enjoyed business and I enjoy learning about business.”

Wiginton owns storage units in Tallassee and also sells lawnmowers and UTVs there. He also rents apartments and previously owned a mobile home park. He’s also learned from other business ventures.

Trojan Station RV is located on Elba Highway in Troy.

“I developed a driving range in Tallassee about 25 years ago,” he said. “I kept it open a couple of years but there just wasn’t enough business. It was a great learning experience. I had to do a business plan and go and borrow the money and all of that stuff. So, it was good for me in that sense.”

Wiginton also started TNT Fireworks in Montgomery, which he operated for more than 20 years before turning the reigns over to his son this year. Last October, though, he was approached about coming to Troy.

“My partner, Ron Howard, met with me and told me he was looking at a trailer park (in Troy),” Wiginton recalled. “I said, ‘That’s great, Ron but I’m not interested in a trailer park.’ I used to own one where I have my storage units and I just didn’t enjoy it.

“He asked me to just come down and look at it and so I came down here with him. I got out and looked at it and I said, ‘Ron, this would be a beautiful RV park.’ We’re three miles from Veterans Memorial Stadium and being a Troy (University) graduate, where I got my master’s degree, I really felt like we could develop this into something great.”

The pair purchased the 19 acres, nine of which has already been developed, in October and began construction on the site in March.

“It’s come together nicely,” he said. “It didn’t come as quickly as maybe we hoped but we didn’t know exactly what we wanted to do with it, so it’s taken us a little while but it’s really coming together. Our goal was always to have it ready for football season and we’re going to meet that.”

The site currently has 21 lots, both pull-through and back-in lots, with 30 amp, 50 amp and 120 amp hookups. All sites also have both water and septic hookups. There will also be a community bathroom facility at the site. The cost will be $50 per night for back-in lots and $60 per night for pull-through lots. Trojan Station RV will also provide monthly rentals for $575 per month for back-in lots and $600 per month for pull through lots.

Trojan Station RV already has 21 lots completed with 25 more soon to be added.

Wiginton said that the project is being done in four phases with 25 more lots being constructed currently. He said that further lots will be added on the other side of the already developed property with the remaining 10 acres of undeveloped land to be turned into further use in the years to come. Trojan Station RV plans to try and offer students accommodations in the future, as well.

“After the four phases we could have 200 lots here,” he said. “That’s not even including the back part that hasn’t been developed yet. We could do something back there – like a student section – or something like that. I feel like students could stay here for a semester or something. They do it at other places, so why not here?”

Trojan Statin RV Park’s website, which is expected to launch in the next two weeks can be found at Trojan Station’s phone number is (334) 722-0533.