‘Barbie’ Special For Brundidge Mom & Daughter

Published 6:00 pm Thursday, July 20, 2023

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On March 17, 2000, an article in The Messenger shared the story of a mom on a mission.

Marilyn Harvey of Brundidge grew up hugging and loving her Raggedy Ann doll. However, as an adult, while shopping for Christmas presents at a Dothan store she caught (National Basketball Association) NBA Barbie fever.

“I had always loved basketball and the fact that Barbie was a Miami Heat basketball cheerleader made me look twice,” Harvey said. “When I held the Barbie doll in my hands, I caught Barbie fever.”

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The mother of two, found it hard to understand and explain her fascination with the Barbie doll.

But she found a purpose for buying the Barbie National Basketball Association doll – her young daughter, Candice. But, she couldn’t decide on which NBA Barbie to get for Christmas- “for Candice.”

She decided on six. Then seven … then 10.

However, with Christmas fast approaching, she was pushed for time. There were 29 NBA basketball teams, therefore, 29 NBA Barbies.

“I knew getting them all… for Candice… for Christmas wouldn’t be possible. So, I decided to buy the 29 NBA Barbies for her birthday in February.”

Fortunately, the price for the NBA Barbies dropped from $25 to $6. Marilyn Harvey went on a shopping spree, from store to store and ran her telephone bill up to three digits looking for this Barbie.

As Candice’s birthday neared, the number of NBA Barbies grew. 19, 20… 24, 25 ,28. Missing was the NBA Dallas Mavericks Barbie.

Marilyn formed a posse of family, friends and neighbors. Everyone was out combing the country for Dallas Mavericks Barbie.

But, not one could be found. On Candice’s birthday, her mom presented her with 28 NBA Barbies. She was as thrilled as her mom was disappointed. The search would continue for the Dallas Mavericks Barbie.

Marilyn Harvey kept looking and, all the while, Candice fell head over heels in love with Barbie.

“Just like Barbie, I love to dress up and wear heels and makeup,” Candice said. ”I love everything about her.  I have Barbie dolls, Barbie books, Barbie everything except the Barbie jeep.”

“My mother believes that you shouldn’t get everything that you want,” Candice said. “You need to learn to accept the things you can’t have.”

But, all the while, mom searched for the one missing Barbie from the collection of 29 NBA Barbies.

“Barbie” the movie opens today.

Read in the weekend edition of The Messenger how ESPN was involved in bringing closure to story of the missing Dallas Mavericks Barbie.