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Published 6:31 pm Friday, June 2, 2023

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Nothing stays the same or ….?

“Actually, some things do,” said Tracy Harris of Sansom Repair and Equipment on Highway 231 near Brundidge. “People seem to always be looking for something that is a reminder of back when they were young or reminders of the older generations in their lives.”

Harris said, strangely or maybe not, in recent years, there has been a steady increase in interest in older model tractors and rusting farm equipment.

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“There’s a growing Interest in old, antique or vintage, tractors especially, around here, John Deere, Massey-Ferguson, Farmall, International Harvester, and just about any kind of old farm equipment. And, that’s been good for business,” Harris said with a smile. “Back some time ago, I wouldn’t have had old tractors and farm equipment on the grounds but, now, it’s all a big draw. People stop just to walk around and look and it sells.”

Harris said even the younger people are interested in things their grandfathers and the older generations used.

“So, I keep a good number of the older tractors and farm equipment,” he said. “We restore the older model tractors and they move rather fast. A lot of people are looking for these older models to work their gardens for several reasons. These older models are cheaper to maintain and they are simpler to use and to repair. And they are a lot cheaper than new tractors. Purchasing an older model tractor makes good sense for those who just want to work a garden or a small crop patch.”

And, some folks just like to have a tractor around for the grandkids to ride.

“Not many kids get to climb up on a tractor and ride with their granddaddy,” Harris said. “That’s real special for them and for their granddaddy.”

Harris said he has sold antique tractors to those who just want to paint them and park them out by their barns to enjoy.

“The tractors don’t necessarily run, they’re just there as a hobby I would guess,” he said.  “Some antique tractors are parked in the yard or in or around the garden or the corn patch.”

Plows are used as decorations in flower beds, some are painted and some remain in their rusting condition.

A wide variety of farm implements are transformed into art when they are hung from the limb of a tree or on the garden fence or painted as garden centerpiece.

Harris smiled at the acknowledgement that Sansom Repair and Equipment has a yard full of aging tractors and a stockpile of rusting farm implements.

“We have a lot people who stop just to see the antique tractors,” he said. “Especially, those who grew up on the farm and remember riding on the old tractors and even driving them. And, a lot of people are looking for ways to add interest to their flower gardens or their vegetable gardens. We like to show them what we have.”

And, what about the price of one of the antique tractors?

Depending, Harris said.

A good starting point would be $1,500 to $2,500.

“Depending” on whether the tractor is needed to plow a garden plot or add interest and color to the barn or the old home place.