The Pioneer Museum: A Joyful Place

Published 6:15 pm Thursday, March 23, 2023

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The Joy Club of Antioch East Baptist Church in Greenville chose the Pioneer Museum of Alabama for its monthly outing and everyone agreed that it was a great choice.

They all remember the “good old’ days” so, they appreciate the modern conveniences of today.

“It was interesting to see the large and ornate furniture that the more well-to-do people enjoyed,” said Bonnie Poole. “I was thinking how much better off we are today, than they were. We have comfortable furniture and running water and indoor bathrooms.”

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Other club members noted the small beds that had to be shared.

“Snuggle beds,” one group member said laughing. “And, outhouses and riding on buggies, oh my!”

The Joy Club members enjoyed the museum’s quilt show and remembered grandma’s quilting frame that hung from the ceiling until it was time for a quilt to be put in the frame.

Then, the frame would be lowered to a position for the ladies to put a quilt top in the frame. They would take their places around the frame and enjoy stitching and sharing the “goings on” in the community.

The Joy Club members said they especially enjoyed seeing items that brought back memories of grandparents and often parents.

“I saw an old corn sheller like my granddaddy had,” said the Rev. Danny Dean. “I enjoyed seeing old farm implements. I just enjoyed seeing how people used to live and thinking how much easier we have it today.”

He remembered his grandad who was married to a Native American.

“She would grind corn on a rock to make meal just because that was the way she had learned to do it,” he said. “She didn’t have to do it that way but she chose to do so.”