The Barber of Troy turns 80

Published 6:47 pm Friday, February 17, 2023

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Raymond Ledford, owner of Raymond’s Barber and Style Shop in Troy, is now 80 years old.

Raymond, as he is known to generations of men and boys, has been cutting hair in Troy since he learned to “clip” at the Baptist Children’s Home.

“I guess I was just supposed to be a barber,” Ledford said. “I’ve never wanted to do anything else and I plan to keep cutting hair as long as I can. Did I ever think I’d be cutting hair when I was 80 years old? I never thought I wouldn’t.”

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Ledford’s 80th birthday was on December 14, 2022 and he celebrated it quietly at home with his family – just the way he wanted.

“I have been blessed to live 80 years and that I was able to celebrate my birthday with Cherry and all my family,” he said. “I was so thankful. That was all the birthday party I needed.”

But, the celebration has continued as more of Raymond’s customer/friends learn about his milestone birthday.

“People kept finding out how old I am so I keep celebrating,” Raymond said with a smile. “Some of them are surprised that I’m 80 and still working. I don’t ever plan to retire, cause if you retire from work then you’ll quit fishing and hunting and then…..”

Raymond’s barbers shop is a “dead giveaway” to Ledford’s hobbies and interests    fishing and hunting. The barber shop “sports” a man’s kind of décor — stacks of outdoor magazines, newspapers, posters and other things of interest to a barber’s customers.

Raymond Ledford spent 10 years of his young life at the Baptist Children’s Home where learned his lifetime “trade” and cultivated a work ethic that keeps him working – keeps him cutting hair during changing times.

Ledford, laughingly, said the singe was before he got into the barbering business but flattops, crewcuts, shags, bowl cuts came and went and gave way to the mullets and such.

Ledford laughingly, said he doesn’t give “lightning bolt” haircuts. His attempt at a “bolt” resulted in a half inch, streak down one young man’s head.

“He was expecting a thin line, so, when he looked in the mirror, he said, “Shave my head!’” the Ledford said, laughing.

The 80-year-old barber has no idea how many “heads” he has cut.

“More than I could ever imagine,” Ledford said. “I’ve celebrated 80 years of life; I have a wonderful family and lots of friends and I love coming to work every day. I’m blessed and thankful to have lived a charmed life.”