Epoxy resin art on the horizon at the Colley Senior Complex

Published 5:19 pm Thursday, January 26, 2023

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There’s something new and different going on at the Colley Senior Complex.

Epoxy Resin Art.

Epoxy resin art?

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What’s that?

Ask Carter Sanders, class teacher, and he will say that epoxy resin art is created when a runny chemical, epoxy resin, is combined with various color pigments, including glass, and additives to produce a blend of unique patterns and textures.”

Ask his students and they will simply say that epoxy resin art is “Fun!”

“If you have an eye for art and are willing to take directions, you will, not only enjoy epoxy resin art, you will go home proudly with a creation of your own,” Sanders said.

The students said their success as “artists” is due to a good teacher and the desire to create.

But, whatever and however, the epoxy resin art class is a happy artful bunch.

Allison Copeland’s art is an example of how “wonderfully” different the art can be.

“This piece is for my grandbaby that is on the way” she said and gestured toward the art piece with the initials JWC. Next to it was a fluid art piece, a colorful abstract that is “simply amazing,” Sanders said.

Other students were eagerly willing to try new things with their creations. Donna Kidd said what is so amazing is that most any nature-found items could be used to create epoxy resin art.

“And, you just move pieces of crushed glass around to make the design you want,” she said. “It’s exciting to see what you can do -the sky, sun, moon, trees or something abstract and amazing.”

Sanders said the glass used for his class is crushed from beer bottles- blue, green and brown.

“The glass holds its color,” he said but added that there are other glasses that can be used.

“A great thing about epoxy resin art is that the class members can be successful with their pieces and have something to be proud of in about an hour and will have had fun creating it.”

The epoxy resin art class will welcome new members.

The class meets at 9 a.m. on Wednesdays at the Colley Senior Complex art wing.