Sweetie Mae Siler turns 90

Published 5:46 pm Thursday, December 29, 2022

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New Year’s Day is a day for new beginnings. It’s a time for putting things aside and moving forward with the anticipation of good days ahead. But, first things first.

For many people, New Year’s Day is a time for caution. It’s a time to do the little things that could and “should,” according to tradition, make the path ahead straight and smooth.

Most people aren’t superstitious, just overlay cautious on New Year’s Day about what they eat, what they do, where they go and what they wear.

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Sweetie Mae Siler of Troy was born on New Year’s Day. On Sunday, she will celebrate 90 years of a life well-lived.

“I’m so thankful for my 90 years,” Siler said. “I won’t have another  90 years but, hopefully, I’ll have a few more years to enjoy the blessings of life.”

Siler said she’s not superstitious but, added laughing, that she’s somewhat cautious on New Year’s Day.

“What I remember about New Year’s is that you don’t want a woman to come into your house first that day,” she said. “You want a man to come in first so you’ll have good luck. If a woman comes in first, you’ll have bad luck.”

Siler said it’s bad luck to wash on New Year’s Day and to go out of the house and not bring anything back in.

“But what you eat can bring you good luck,” she said. “If you cook greens — turnips or collards- you’ll have greenbacks all year. Peas will bring you pennies and hog jowl will mean you’ll have a good year. I don’t remember all the things about New Year’s Day but it’s a day to look ahead with hopes for good things for yourself and for others.”

New Year’s Day is filled with superstitions. Supposedly, those who cry on the first day of the New Year, you’ll be crying all year long. Those who carry knives or use knives, will cut off any prosperity headed their way. It’s important to leave the outside door cracked in order to let out the old and welcome the new.

The list of New Year’s Day superstition goes on and on. But, like Sweetie Mae Siler said, just do the best you can every day, love people and do what you can to make life better for everybody. That’s not superstition, “that’s the way to live and be happy.”