City Council hears from concerned citizen

Published 3:33 pm Wednesday, November 9, 2022

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At the Nov. 8 Troy City Council meeting, a Troy resident raised concerns over violent incidents that have occurred at a local business.

Troy resident Mitchell Sneed raised those concerns of a number of violent encounters that have occurred at a gas station on Three Notch Street.

“Over the last 36 months I’ve been monitoring that particular area and that particular spot, that spot being the Sunoco Gas Station, and as a resident, if I’m going to a gas station to get gas or get chips I could possibly lose my life or be hit with a stray bullet (there),” Sneed said. “If it was multiple spots I would be the first to say maybe there just need to be a bigger police presence in the area, however when it’s one area, it’s a big concern for me.

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“As a resident, it’s consistent. If this is a business that is supposed to run as a business then why, out of all the places on Three Notch Street, is this the place where constant violence and constant mayhem takes place?”

A shooting in the area occurred last week. Sneed pleaded with the council to tackle the issue of violence in the area.

“As the north side continues to develop I want to ask you to ensure us that all residents can be safe and the north side of the city can continue to flourish and develop,” he said. “It’s a concern and with all sincerity, something needs to be done.

“It is a black eye and an eyesore on the community. Anyone going down North Three Notch Street can clearly see it. In my humble opinion, if that element, that cancer of the north side, was not there then I think overall the north side would be a safer place and it will open up the potential for more businesses. If I am business owner, why would I bring my business to an area like that currently?”

A number of councilmembers told Sneed that they were also concerned and that the matter will be looked into.

“I agree with you,” Councilman Greg Meeks flatly said. “I ride by there every day and it is awful, and I agree that something needs to be done.”

In council business, the council approved a special event application to El Palacio for a holiday party. The council also approved an additional payroll of $75 each for part-time city employees that will be issued on Nov. 10. Additionally, the city entered into a new service contract with Common Ground Troy.

The council authorized the city to purchase 451 acres of property that Mayor Jason Reeves said could be used in the future to entice new manufacturers to the area and also for future utility structures for the city.

The council approved the city to apply for a SMART Grant, which would give the city $2 million of 100 percent federally funded money that could go to research the feasibility of implementing electric cars for the city’s transportation services.

Another grant was approved for the city to apply for, that would give $2 million to the city to upgrade Trojan Way, Orion Street and West Fairview Street. The upgrades would go to help those streets “meet current design standards and be used as one new continuous route for U.S. 29 State Route 15” that would help reduce the volume of large trucks in the downtown area.

Also, the council approved a professional services agreement for medical billing with Enterprise Rescue for the Troy Fire Department and a lease agreement with the Pike County Commission for a new ambulance.

The council heard the reading of three new ordinances, which includes the selling of property between the city and Troy Bank and Trust, the authorization of the sell of medical cannabis in Troy and the vacation and abandonment of a sanitary sewer easement in Prospect Ridge. This was the first reading of those ordinances; there will be a second reading and a hearing before any votes on the matter are taken.

The next Troy City Council meeting will be on Nov. 22 at Troy City Hall at 5:00 p.m.