Standard Chemical and Oil Company was massive

Published 6:02 pm Tuesday, July 19, 2022

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From The Messenger in 1906, the Standard Chemical and Oil Company was listed as one of the largest plants of its kind in the South.

“Troy is truly proud of the above manufacturing company, for it has made her famous in this state, Georgia and throughout Florida, as thousands upon thousands of tons of her celebrated guano have enriched the lands of these states, and each year these winning guanos are more and more appreciated by the planters and farmers in this section, the wiregrass section of Georgie and the sandy lands of Florida.

In 1882 the first plant of this mammoth company was used as a mixer and the business gradually increased until the company was compelled to build an additional oil mill and acid chamber in 1888, which have been a wonderful success, as the crush of the seed oil mills is 20,000 tons annually.  In 1902 the new plant was built at the junction of the Atlantic Coast Line and Central of Georgia railways, just two miles from the city.

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In connection with the old plant there is about forty-five acres and the new plant has about fifteen acres, making in all a total of sixty acres required for these immense mills.

The capacity of the new plant is 40,000 tons of commercial fertilizer annually and about 15,000 tons of seed.

The capacity of the old plant is 15,000 tons commercial fertilizer and 12,000 tons of seed.

Some of the leading brands of fertilizer of this prosperous manufacturing company which are sold all over Alabama, Georgia and Florida are as follows:  Troy Perfecto guano, Hume’s Ammoniated Dissolved Bone, Nancy Hanks guano, Pike’s Pride guano, Old Homestead guano, Pure Extra High Grade Acid Phosphate, High Grade Acid Phosphate; also Potasn Acids, German Kainit, Muriate of Potasn, Cotton Seed Meal and Hulls and Linters.

In connection with this large plant the company also operates a twenty-ton ice plant and the product is shipped all over southeast Alabama.  The local managers of the plants are as follows:  H. Hume, general superintendent of Mill No. 1 and Gus W. Owens, assistant manager Plant No. 1; O. Guy Owens, superintendent of Plant No. 2.

Through the untiring efforts of Mr. O. C. Wiley, vice president and general manager of this huge plant, is due its popularity and prosperity.  He is one of the most pushing and progressive men in all this section and his liberal spirit and judicious management of its affairs have made the company favorably known far and wide.  He is one of the strongest believers in Troy’s future and is even willing and ready to help to advertise her many advantages and resources to the outside world whenever and wherever opportunity presents itself.

The following are the general officers of the Standard Chemical and Oil Company:  Fox Henderson, president; O. C. Wiley, vice president; L. H. Bowles, secretary; J. C. Henderson, treasurer.  Thomas R. Wright is the head traveling salesman, who has been with the company ten years.

     Mr. L. H. Bowles, secretary of the company, is probably one of the best known business men in all this section, and with his co-operation and business acumen the company has been made to grow and prosper.  He is a one-armed Confederate soldier, having lost that member during the late unpleasantness between the states; besides he is a high-toned Christian gentleman, being an ordained Baptist minister.

All of these articles can be found in previous editions of The Troy Messenger.  Stay tuned for more.  Dianne Smith is the President of the Pike County Historical, Genealogical and Preservation Society.