Brundidge looks to future

Published 6:55 pm Thursday, January 6, 2022

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The City of Brundidge hosted a community meeting on Tuesday to discuss potential opportunities for growth and revitalization of the city of 2,00-plus.

Leading the meeting were Wiley Lott, Southeast Gas’ Director of External Affairs and Economic Development, Jim Byard, Main Street Alabama, board of directors, chair, and Chase Cobb, president Pike County Economic Development Corp.

Lott is a native of Brundidge and was instrumental in bringing the Walmart DC to his hometown.

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“I love Brundidge and want to see it grow and prosper,” Lott said. “I am committed to doing what I can to see that happen. First, we’ve got to figure out what our assets are and what makes Brundidge special and unique and to identify those who can lead the city forward, beginning now.

“When I look back at Brundidge 20 years ago, many of those who were leading the city, the movers and shakers, are no longer here. The folks we relied on are gone. This is the time to build a strong foundation of leadership and sustainability that will move Brundidge forward now and into the future.”

Byard talked with the gathering of community members about opportunities available through the Main Street Alabama program including the Main Street Hybrid program.

And, Lott agreed that the Hybrid program would be very beneficial in the city’s forward thinking process.

“The Hybrid program would be instrumental in establishing what the city wants to be,” Lott said. “And, also in identifying what the city’s brand will be and build toward it beginning now. The program would help establish a foundation and sustainability that will move Brundidge into the future.”

Willie Wright, Brundidge city manager, agreed that the city needs a plan for the growth and revitalization of the downtown area, as well as for future industrial growth.

“What hit the nail on the head is that we do have opportunities for growth right here in downtown Brundidge and those opportunities are now,” Wright said. “What we have to do is take greater advantage of social media to let people know what Brundidge has to offer and we have more than we realize. So, we have to do a better job of advertising across the state and outside the state so others will know about Brundidge and what have going for us.”

Wright said the city of 2,000-plus has a lot of industry for a city its size.

“Brundidge has Walmart DC, Southern Classic Foods, Magnolia Vegetable Processors and Brundidge Electronics Corporation,” Wright said. “And, we have the potential for growth in those areas.  Brundidge has opportunities for growth now and in the future. We just have to channel those opportunities to our benefit.”

Brundidge Mayor Isabell Boyd agreed that Brundidge is primed for future growth and it will happen “if we band together.”

“The Main Street program is on my wish list for the City of Brundidge,” Boyd said. “The program is designed to help Brundidge move forward developmentally and economically.”

Boyd said several of the downtown storefronts have opened recently and that is encouragement for other growth and for those who visit Brundidge to come in and visit. Brundidge is open and we are moving forward …. together.