Alpha Gamma Delta donates $10,000

Published 8:23 pm Friday, December 17, 2021

A week ago, only 58 out of 400 turkeys were purchased for Turkeys from Heaven.

Kelly Sanders, who initiated Turkeys from Heaven Pike County eight years ago, and a “village” shifted gears.

“We were behind on making contact with all of our agencies, schools and churches for referrals,” Sanders said. “We prayed for God to just provide the extra help needed this year to do His work.”

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On that day, Sanders received a call from a teacher who volunteered to help contact the schools and another volunteer offered to help get the wonderful turkey coloring sheets to the schools that we send out,” Sanders said. “What a blessing the Lord sent that day after hearing our prayers.” 

Normally, the price for Turkeys from Heaven is $15 each but this year would be different.

“Due to the rising cost of food and supplies, we were uncertain of the amount but expected the turkeys could be as high as $25.,” Sanders said.  “At that point I was really starting to get concerned but as I sat down that night to open the mail I found myself speechless at first, then I yelled and then I cried.”

Alpha Gamma Delta of Troy donated $10,000 to Turkeys from Heaven to help fight hunger. Sanders said she could never have expected such a blessing.

“This year, the turkeys were truly heaven sent,” Sanders said. “Just think. If turkeys end up being as high as $25, that is exactly $10,000, Exactly. I’m still in awe of the generosity of Troy University’s Alpha Gams. Truly, in awe. I would like to personally thank Alpha Gamma Delta for the kindness, support and outreach given this year to Turkeys from Heaven.”

On December 13, Bailey Bennet and Hannah Huner accompanied Sanders to Piggly Wiggly to purchase the remaining items needed to complete the Turkeys for Heaven meals.

COVID-19 has restricted the handling of food so, this year, the ingredients for the bean casserole are included. Monies above the cost of the turkeys will be applied to the completion of the Christmas meals.

“On December 22, 2021 Turkeys from Heaven will feed 400 families in Pike County and surrounding communities.  This program operates 100 percent on volunteers and donations made,” Sanders said.

Those who would like to volunteer to assist with the “boxing” of the meals and the distribution are invited to come to Pike County’s Cattlemen Park beginning at 9 a.m. on Thursday December 22. And, as Sanders said, “be the hands and feet of Jesus at Christmastime this year.”