Patti Rutland’s students work with top acro dancer

Published 11:17 am Saturday, November 27, 2021

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Students of the Patti Rutland Dance Studio in Brundidge had the opportunity to work with one of the top Acro dancers in the country.

Patti Rutland Dance Studio students from Pike County, Dothan and Ozark were in Brundidge to learn from the 18-year-old Acro dancer who recently placed first in one of the top dance programs in the country. Sadie Reichenbach has won 11 titles in different dances in competitions around the country.

Ryan Miller, instructor for the Patti Rutland Dance Studio in Brundidge, explained that Acro dance is known by various other names including acrobatic dance and gymnastic dance. However, Miller said, it is most commonly referred to simply as “acro.”

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“That’s the way dancers and dance professionals refer to “the” dance but there is nothing ’simple’ about the dance,” Miller said. “It is an especially challenging dance style for dancers because it requires them to be trained in both dance and acrobatic skills.”

Miller said “our girl” is an aerobic wonder.

“At a young age, she is one of the top soloist in the country,” he said. “She is very advanced in Acro dance and she relates well with younger dancers. Even though Acro dance is very demanding, challenging and far from easy, Sadie makes it fun and enjoyable. And Sadie has the ability to make it look easy and that’s encouraging for young dancers.”

Sure, Acro dance is not easy,” Reichenbach said. “It is challenging and it is demanding but I do Acro dance because of the challenges and the demands and because I love it. I’m passionate about it. What I tell the dancers is don’t compare yourself to other dancers. Don’t get upset if another dancer does better than you. Use that as a challenge. If you do that and you take dance seriously, you will get better and be better.”

Sadie Reichenbach is a Mississippi product. She told the dancers that no matter how big or small the community where you grow up, it is possible to realize their dreams.

“Some might have thought that I would never be a part of a commercial dance conservator or that I would appear in a movie or in a video, go on tour or be on Broadway. But work hard and believe in what you do and love what you do. There will be times you don’t succeed but, if you quit, you will not ever know how close you came to realizing your goal.”