Takeaways from week 10 of the college football season

Published 7:18 pm Tuesday, November 9, 2021

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Takeaways from the College Football weekend ending November 6, 2021:

1. This is Georgia’s year to win a National Championship. The only way they lose is if their offense doesn’t show up one weekend, which is still possible. I say that because their defense plays national championship defense every single week even though they have yet to play a capable offense.

2. LSU-Alabama is textbook SEC football. Records are not a factor week in, week out. Drama is more common than a Kardashian reality show and it really boils down to which kids make a play.

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3. For Alabama, you get everybody’s best game and every single team considers it their bowl or championship game. LSU has a lame duck coaching staff, had at least 6 players missing on defense, 2nd and 3rd string kids on the field every series, yet they stifled many Tide drives like they were starters all year. Play calling in the first half was underwhelming and might have played a factor there too.

4. This is not your typical Alabama football team. Saban would probably prefer the Tide to be on the outside looking in with the CFP at this point to keep the foot on the gas pedal. To win games, they are usually the more talented and better coached team. This year feels different. There are clear weaknesses on the offensive line and that will be remain a problem. The running game – or the confidence in it – is deficient from years past and other teams know this. The defense is not as talented as many other championship Tide teams and teams are challenging them. They do play hard, yet lack the intensity of other Bama teams. However, there seems to be a lower level of team leadership as a whole to the casual viewer, which is not usually the case for Saban teams.

Chris Amos is a guest contributor to the Troy Messenger and can be reached at christjamos42@gmail.com.

5. Cincinnati is not a Top 4 team and is CFP-ranked appropriately. The committee sent them a message when they put them at #6 in hopes that they would act like a CFP team in waiting as the teams above them play each other and knock each other out, but no. They get lucky against a Tulsa team that drops the ball as they score to set up a possible overtime with time running out. Yes, I said Tulsa. Any team that gets them in the CFP will be ecstatic.

6. Dan Mullen is in trouble.