Grubbs pens self-help book

Published 3:05 am Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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While Dr. Elizabeth Grubbs was “camped out” inside her house during COVID-19, she didn’t want to allow herself to become bored, so she began thinking of something she could do that would be of help to others.

“Every day, I was made aware of the rising number of people who were dying from the coronavirus,” Grubbs said. “I realized I could use my time at home to help others by staying concentrated on those victims in distress.”

Grubbs’ feelings of empathy toward the victims of COVID-19 became stronger with each passing day as she imagined what it would be like to live alone with no one to come visit or to be alone in a hospital without family support.

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“I realized in those circumstances, it was necessary to grip life in a way as never before.”

“Grip life.” Those two words remained constant in Grubbs’ mind and on her heart.

“People all over the world need to ‘grip life,’ to have a grip on their physical and mental health, on family needs, with their finances, with their vocation and their employment skills and social skills, with all phases of life,” Grubbs said.

Those driving thoughts inspired Grubbs to turn the COVID-19 time at home into a productive and meaningful time – a time to personally “grip life” and to encourage and inspire others to do the same.

“The biggest room in the house is the ‘room for improvement,’” Grubbs said. “We can all improve. Improvement is not going out of style.”

Grubbs thoughts were her inspiration for her first published book,” Grip Life,” which contains suggestions of ways to “grip life” so that it becomes less stressful, more productive, with greater direction and purpose and, therefore, more meaningful.

“Grip Life” is a self-help book and, hopefully, it will encourage others to focus on working toward improving the different areas of their lives that need improvement, Grubbs said.