TroyFest Student Art Show

Published 8:16 pm Friday, April 16, 2021

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Any time there is a competition, there are winners. But never any losers in the Annual TroyFest Student Art Show.

“Any time you compete and do your best, you cannot lose,” said Pam Smith, curator of the TroyFest Student Art Show. “You learn from the experience and you are better for it.”

So, every student in grades K-12 who competed in the 2021 TroyFest Student Art Show is a winner, Smith said.

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“There have been so many challenges over the past year, with education being one of the hard-hit areas,” Smith said. Many students have been virtual this year, and teachers have had to face several new obstacles during this Covid-19 pandemic.

“I really believe that a student art show is great for lifting spirits and bringing a little normal back into our lives and the TroyFest Student Art Show is one of the best.”

The 2021 TroyFest Student Art Show is sponsored by Lawrence Hardware in Troy.

Brenda Campbell, Johnson Center for the Arts director, expressed appreciation to the management of Lawrence Hardware for its support of the arts and the annual TroyFest Student Art Show, to the supporting art teachers and all of the participating students.

The student artwork is exhibited at the Johnson Center for the Arts through May 15. The JCA will be open during TroyFest from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. on April 24, and from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on April 25. Regular hours are 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.  Monday through Friday. Admission is free.

Everyone is invited to visit the TroyFest Student Art Show and enjoy the remarkable talent of Pike County’s young artists, Campbell said.

And the winners are:

Category Grades K-2 Drawing: 1st – Robert Patrick – CC 2nd – ZaLaiya (need last name) – TES 3rd – Ellis Adamson – CC Painting: 1st – Kevin Branch – CC 2nd – Jax Stalnaker – CC 3rd – Evan Doan – CC Printmaking: 1st – Kevin Brandy – CC 2nd – Molly Coleman – CC Mixed Media: 1st – Matthew Green – TES 2nd – Ella Rhodes – TES 3rd – Emilee Regher – CC Sculpture: 1st – Graham Dixon – CC 2nd – Jack Key – TES 3rd – Ellis Adamson – CC 3rd – Harper Jacobs – CC Grade K-2 BEST OF SHOW – Brendyn Williams (Chicks) TE

Category Grades 3-5 Drawing: 1st – Lynleigh Ramero- CC 2nd – Heenam Patel – TES 3rd – Brea Swindall – CC Painting: 1st – Mileigh Long – PLAS 2nd – Ryan Swindall- CC 3rd – Emaleigh Grissom – Quest Academy Cont. Category Grades 3-5 Printmaking: 1st – Coley Fuller – CC 2nd – Maddie Carmody – TES 3rd – Becca Ann Oliver- CC Mixed Media: 1st – Gabe Roberts- CC 2nd – Rachel Worley – Higher Aim Academy 3rd – Emma Hobert – CC Sculpture: 1st – Drew Worley – Higher Aim Academy 2nd – Bennett (need last name) -TES 3rd – Emma Hobert – CC Grade 3-5 BEST OF SHOW – Maddie Colman (fruit) CC Category Grades 6-8 Drawing: 1st – Evie Kate Lindsey- CHMS 2nd – Adi Ryan – CHMS 3rd – Lola Drinkwater – CHMS Painting: 1st – Sofia Valencia – CHMS 2nd – Brooklyn Moran – CHMS 3rd – Allison Weed – CHMS Printmaking: 1st – Brooklyn Moran – CHMS 2nd – Adi Ryan – CHMS 3rd – Ivie Tice – CHMS Mixed Media: 1st – Brooklyn Moran – CHMS 2nd – Sawyer Keck – CHMS 3rd – Raylee McLendon – TES

Category Grades 6-8 Sculpture: 1st – Eavie Kate Lindsey – CHMS 2nd – Addison Armstrong – CHMS 3rd – Will Walker – TES Photography: 1st – Adria Joachim (Baby) Day Spring Academy 2nd – Adria Joachim (Dandelion) Day Spring Academy 3rd – Adria Joachim (Bird) Day Spring Academy Grades 6-8 BEST OF SHOW – Sofia Valencia (mixed media flower) CHMS Category Grades 9-10 Drawing: 1st – Keisha Patel – CHHS 2nd – Marley Norris – CHHS 3rd – Maggie Hardin – PLAS Printmaking: 1st – Britton Paul – PLAS 2nd – Cailyn Riley – PLAS 3rd – Slade Renfroe – PLAS Mixed Media: 1st – Car’mari Burney – CHHS 2nd – Hannah Sparrow – CHHS Sculpture: 1st – Mary Sampson Dunn – CHHS 2nd – Aralyn Berry – CHHS 3rd – Malasia McCoullough – CHHS Grade 9-10 BEST OF SHOW – Mary Samson Dunn (War is Hell) – CHHS Category Grades 11-12 Drawing: 1st – Emma Earles – CHHS 2nd – Amy Prieto – CHHS 3rd – Brady Huner – CHHS Cont. Category Grades 11-12 Painting: 1st – Belle Bullard – CHHS 2nd – Piper Jones – CHHS 3rd – Grace Thomas – PLAS Printmaking: 1st – Hope Thomas – PLAS 2nd – Grace Thomas – PLAS 3rd – Dee Allen – PLAS Mixed Media: 1st – Amy Prieto – CHHS 2nd – Brooke McLendon – CHHS 3rd – Caleb Watkins – CHHS Sculpture: 1st – Elizabeth Tuttle – CHHS Photography: 1st – Emma Earles (fire) CHHS 2nd – Emma Earles (portrait) CHHS 3rd – Belle Bullard – CHHS Computer Image: 1st – Emma Earles – CHHS Grades 11-12 BEST OF SHOW – Emma Earles (breakfast photo) – CHHS Art without Boundaries CHHS Best of each Artist – 1st Place Ribbon Aralyn Berry – Painting with multi colors & black lines) Ragan Robertson , oil pastel portrait.