Troy Health & Rehab numbers spike then drop

Published 6:00 pm Monday, January 18, 2021

After a recent sharp rise in the number of active COVID cases at Troy Health & Rehabilitation Center in Troy, the numbers dropped significantly on Monday.

Warren Kelly, TH&R Administrator, said the total number of active cases at TH&R dropped from 104 on January 13 to 38 on Monday (January 18).

“On January 13, the number of residents who tested positive for COVID-19 was 83,” Kelly said. “On Monday, we had 24 active cases among the residents.. The number of employees with active cases also dropped from 21 to 14 during the same period.”

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Kelly said the significant rise in the number of active cases among both the residents and employees coincided with the holiday season.

Kelly said he agrees with Rick Smith, Troy Regional Medical Center CEO, in that the rise in the number of COVID cases is due in a large part to holiday gatherings.

“Health care specialists have said the past three weeks have been the worst yet for the spread of COVID-19, Kelly said. “On December 15, TH&R didn’t have any active cases of the virus. On December 21, we had a total of four active cases and on December 28 we had 7.”
Then, the number of active cases began to rise sharply.

On January 5, TH&R had 31 active cases, 14 among residents and 17 among employees.

“Then on January 13 the number increased sharply to 104 with 83 cases among the residents and 21 among the employees,” Kelly said. “That rise followed the holiday season and holiday gatherings.”

Kelly said Monday’s decline to 38 active cases is encouragement that the rise was due, in a large part, to the holiday gatherings; therefore, the number of cases could continue to decrease.’

“The residents and employees with active cases are receiving appropriate medical attention,” Kelly said. “Troy Health and Rehab continues to follow CDE and CMS guidelines in an effort to contain the virus. We continue to spray disinfectant several times a day and to test regularly for the virus.”

Kelly said the COVID-19 vaccine is available for residents and employees. To receive the vaccine, a resident must have family approval.

“Some residents don’t receive family approval and we have employees who choose not to have the vaccine.” Kelly said. “However, more employees are now choosing to have the vaccine.

Kelly said TH&R is diligent in its efforts to provide a safe and healthy environment for its residents and its employees at this unprecedented time and at all times.