Bama in a Box receives statewide exposure

Published 12:55 am Saturday, January 16, 2021

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Commitment to community and pride in Alabama. Together, they are… Bama in a Box.

Angi Horn Stalnaker’s desire to support Alabama’s small business owners who were having difficulty making ends meet during the coronavirus pandemic has mushroomed into a world-wide subscription business that is a boom to Alabama’s small business community.

This week, Bama in a Box will receive statewide and national exposure on “Simply Southern TV.”

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The show can be seen locally on WAKA at 10:30 a.m. Sunday and will be rebroadcast on national cable network RFD-TV at 5 p.m.  on Wednesday.

Stalnaker’s novel idea to support Alabama’s small business owners during a worldwide pandemic by “boxing Bama” is bringing into focus the picture of the diversity and high quality of products produced by Alabama small businesses.

Stalnaker’s idea for Alabama-made products to be delivered to the door is akin to the excitement of opening a Christmas gift or a birthday package.

There’s just something exciting about what’s under a box lid, Stalnaker said.

“So, what better way to support Alabama businesses than by providing an opportunity for them to introduce their products to people outside Alabama, as well as those here at home, than through a monthly shipment of products made in Alabama delivered right to the door,” Stalnaker said.

Bama in a Box was a unique idea and, perhaps, a surprising successful one.

“It’s been a phenomenal seven months,” Stalnaker said. “From right here in downtown Troy, we are shipping Alabama-made products all over the country – all around the world.”

And, what is even more exciting about the Bama in a Box deliveries is that the recipients not only get a box filled with edible and non-edible surprises, they help tell the small business story of the Great State of Alabama, Stalnaker said.

More than 500 products are made in Alabama and each subscription box is packed full of Alabama-made products, including Pike County products such as mini-pecan pies from Whaley Pecans, pepper sauce from Adams’ Nut Shop

“We have a total of eight subscription boxes and seven special boxes for the holidays and a new Valentine box,” Stalnaker said.

Each box contains a mixture of five to seven edible and non-edible products. The non-edible products may include household goods, spa products, jewelry and pet products.

No product will be sent twice so each box is a completely different selection of products, “just like Christmas all over again.”

Bama in a Box is located at 101 East Church Street in downtown Troy.

Stalnaker said, exactly what her expectations were for Bama in a Box, when she packed the first box, she’s not sure.

“What I wanted to do was help small business owners during this very difficult time by letting others know about the diversity and high quality of products produced right here in Alabama,” Stalnaker said. “We have been very fortunate that Bama in a Box is now sharing the news of Alabama’s small businesses throughout the country and in other parts of the world. And as people learn more about small businesses in Alabama, hopes are that they will fall in love with them just as we have.”

Bama in a Box is located at 101 East Church Street in downtown Troy.