Students shine in ‘art the size of a dollar bill’ exhibit

Published 11:13 pm Friday, October 23, 2020

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Imagine walls and walls covered with dollar bills. How impressive would that be?

Then, imagine walls and walls covered with student artwork the size of a dollar bill.

That, would be a treasure, said Pam Smith, director of the “Art the Size of a Dollar Bill” now showing at the Johnson Art Center.

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Brenda Campbell, JCA director, said the student are show is generating a lot of excitement at the art center with the students’ family members coming in to see their work.

“Parents are eager to see the artwork their children have created and the students show it off proudly,” Campbell said.

“And, the children enjoy seeing what their classmates have done. Art the Size of a Dollar Bill an interesting and fun show. It’s one that people of all ages will enjoy.”

Smith said students in grades K-12 and home schoolers around the county were challenged with creating art in variety of categories and on canvases the size of a dollar bill.

Participating schools were Covenant Christian School, Goshen Elementary, Troy City School, Pike County High School, Pike Liberal Arts and Home School students.

“The annual student art show is always fun and challenging and one of the reasons I like this Art the Size of a Dollar Bill project so much is that it is so small,” Smith said. “Students enjoy the challenge of finding designs that fit the space, but they also love that the space is so small that they can finish so quickly.

“Another beauty of this particular art show is that, because of the size of the art, teachers are able to enter more students than usual, and the theme for the art is wide open. Students also have the opportunity to experiment with different media.”

Due to Covid-19, many students are working from home. Smith said working on a small project is something that students may easily accomplish at home.

“And, the show theme ties in so well with the sponsor of “Art the Size of a Dollar Bill Student Art Show, which is Troy Bank and Trust,” Smith said.

The categories for “Art the Size of a Dollar Bill” include color drawing, black and white drawing, painting, 2D collage, 3D collage, printmaking, graphic design, photography, 2D mixed media, 3D mixed media and 3D sculpture.

A Best of Show Award was presented for each grade level.

“All of the entries were very good,” Smith said. “The artists were imaginative, creative and demonstrated talent for their mediums,” Smith said. “We congratulate them all.”

The Best of Show artists for the 2020 Art the Size of a Dollar Bill Show at the Johnson Center for the Arts are: K-3 Best of Show Camden Sewell, Troy Elementary School for “Pumpkin Sculpture; Grades 4-6, Paisley Durant, Covenant Christian School, for Graphic Design Print; Grades 7-9, Nasir Moore, Charles Henderson Middle School, oranges sculpture; Grades 10-12, Brooke McLendon, Charles Henderson High School, waterfalls sculpture.

The teachers of the Best of Show winners will each receive $50 to be used for the purchase of art supplies for their classrooms.

Due to Covid-19. we will not be an in-person award program this year,” Smith said.

“I congratulate all of the students who participated and the students whose artwork was chosen for the place and best of show awards.”

Grades K-3:

Color Drawing: Morgan Davis, Goshen Elementary School, first; Landon Linton, GES, second; and Anyla Brown, GES, third.

Black and White Drawing: Keanton Baker, Covenant Christian School, first; Maddie Carmondy, Charles Henderson Child Health Center, second; and Silas Sanders, Home School, third.

Painting: Ellis Adamson, CCH, first; Tyler Estes, CCS, second; an Eric Beard, CCS, third

2D Collage: Judson Durant, CCS, first; Jack Key, Troy Elementary School, second; and Ryan Swindall, CCS, third.

3D Collage: Graham Dixon, CCS, first; Caleb Wilis CCS, second and Susannah Carmody, CHCHC, third.

Printmaking: Jax Stainaker, CCS, first; Maggie Rice, TES, second and Josie Walker, TES, third.

Graphic Design & Photography: Evan Doan, CCS, first; William Regehr, CCS, second and Luke Lindsey, TES, third,

2D Mixed Media: Harper Jacobs, CCS, first; Graham Dixon, CCS, second, and Harper Gordon, Pike Liberal Arts School, third.

3D Mixed Media: Ryan Swindall, CCS, first; Charlie Pack, Home School, second and Piper Gordon, PLAS, third.

3D Sculpture: Tyler Estes, CCS, first; Becca Ann Oliver, CCS, second and Will Cellon, TES, third.

“K-3 Best of Show, Camden Sewell, “Pumpkin” sculpture., TES.

Grades 4-6

Color Drawing: Brea Swindall, CCS, first; jones Butts, Goshen Elementary School, second and Luis Cain, GES, third.

B&W Drawing: Emma Holbert, CCS, first; Sean Alexander, PLAS, second, and Zakya Meritt Thomas, GES, third.

Painting: Turner Dixon, CCS, first; Ava Moore, CCS, second; Sam Kreis, CCS and Wyatt Grissom, Home School, third.

2D Collage, Gabby Gore, PLAS, first; Ada Cellon, TES, second; Jayden Kelly, CCS, third.

3D Collage, Coley Fuller, CCS, first; Will Walker, TES, second; Alaysia Woods, TES, third.

Graphic Design – B&W:

Courtney Cobb, CCS, first; Tra’Mane Wright, TES, second; Regan Warren, CCS, third.

Graphic Design Color: Ashlan Drivas, CCS, first; Courtney Cobb, CCS, second; Ava Beard, CCS, third.

3D Mixed Media: Maddie Coleman, CCS, first; Carys Pittman, PLAS second; Reese Pugh, TES, third.

3D Sculpture: Garrett Whitaker, PLAS, first; Mileigh Long, PLAS, second; Riley Burkett, third, PLAS.

Best of Show Grades 4-6: Paisley Durant, CCS, Graphic Design Print.

Grades 7-9

Color Drawing: Madison Mulkey, Charles Henderson Middle School, first; Isabella Turner, CHMS; Dougie Branson, CHMS, third.

B&W Drawing: Logan Atwell, CHHS, first; Seth Hitchcock, CHMS, second; Raeghan Worley, Home School, third.

Water Color Painting: lily Greer, CHMS, first; Madison Mulkey, CHMS, second; Gracie Lowery and Sadie Holbert, CHMS, third.

Acrylic Painting: Taylor Lee, CHMS, first; Eavie Kate Lindsey, CHMS, second; Brooklyn Moran and Sawyer Keck, CHMS, third

2D Collage: Alaina Ward, CHMS, first; Aria Joachim, Home School, second; Lily Greer, CHMS, third.

3D Collage: Lola Drinkwater, CHMS, first; Lily Greer, CHMS, second; Sadie Holbert, CHMS, third.

Printmaking: Jalen Suddith, CHHS, first; Rosie Stagggs CHMS, second; Kaitly Davenport, CHMS, third.

Photography: Penny Earnest, CHMS, first; Bobbie Jones, CHHS, second; Mallory Grace Sanders, Home School, third.

Graphic Design: Breyanna Carson, CHHS, first; Adria Joachim, Home School, second; Raeghan Worley, Home School, third.

2D Mixed Media: Mallory Grace Sanders, Home School, first; Clay Johnson, CHMS, second; Madison Mulkey, CHMS, third.

3D Mixed Media: Jesus Sanchez, CHMS, first; Jalen Suddith CHHS, second; Daniel Frigge, CHMS, third.

3D Sculpture: Casmere Jones, CHMS, first; Kyla Griffin, CHMS, second; Ivie Tice and Jamyah Pollard, CHMS, third.

Best of Show Grades 7-9: Nasir Moore, CHMS, Orange Sculpture.

Grades 10-12

Color Drawing: Piper Jones, CHHS, first; Aurley Girouard, CHHS, second; Darius Nelson, CHHS, third.

B&W Drawing Keisha Paten, CHHS, first; Will Templin, CHHS, second; Eliza Stewart, Pike County High School, third.

Painting: Adrianna Bullard, CHHS, first; Carlyle Blackmon, CHHS; second, Elizabeth Tuttle, CHHS, third.

Collage: Keisha Paten, CHHS, first; Brooke McLendon, CHHS, second; Will Templin, CHHS, third.

Printmaking: Brianna Pham, CHHS, first; Carman Burney, CHHS, second; Aurley Girouard and Carlyle Blackmon, CHHS, third.

Graphic Design, Elizabeth Tuttle, CHHS, first; Caleb Watkins, CHHS second; Carlyle Blackmon, CHHS, third.

2D Mixed Media: Amy Prito, CHHS, first; Sarah Madison Davis, CHHS, second; Adrianna Bullard and Kanayla Tice, CHHS, third.

3D Mixed Media: Elizabeth Tuttle, CHHS, first; Darius Nelson, CHHS, second; Brianna Pham, CHHS, third.

3D Sculpture: Sarah Madison Davis, CHHS, first; Julianna Castro, CHHS, second.

Best of Show Grades 10-12: Brooke McLendon, CHHS, waterfalls sculpture.