Ford brightens the day for customers by sharing smile, genuine kindness

Published 9:33 pm Friday, September 25, 2020

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Mark Twain said the two most important days in one’s life “are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

At age 22, Kiera Ford knows why.

The day Kiera accepted God as her Lord and Savior, she knew that her purpose in life was to show God’s love.

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“I grew up in the church and, when I got saved, I realized that people want to be shown love,” Kiera said. “And, I knew that I wanted to show other people God’s love.”

God’s plan is often fulfilled in rather unsuspecting ways and places.

Kiera was enrolled at Troy University but withdrew to give herself time to decide which direction her life should take.

“When I was baptized, I began to read my Bible to find out who I am in God,” she said. “God found a place for me at the drive-thru at McDonald’s here in Troy.

And, in that place, in that small window of opportunity, Kiera shows God’s love to each customer with a smile and an encouraging word.

“A smile is the best way to show love,” Kiera said. “You never know what is going on in someone’s life and a smile can make a bad day just a little better and good day even better. I have a smile for everybody that comes through the drive-thru at McDonald’s and uplifting words.

“You don’t ever know what a smile and friendly words might mean to others. I hope I can make the day better for every person that comes through the drive-thru at McDonald’s.”

And, if the posts on Facebook are any indication of what a smile and encouraging words mean, then Kiera is on to something.

Tequila Streeter’s post of Facebook with viral, or somewhere close, and Tequila was not surprised.

“Kiera’s spirits are always high,” she said. “Her smile and her kind words bring up anybody’s day, good or bad. She greets everyone the same. When you drive thru, you drive away feeling good. She makes your day brighter.”

Tequila said, with her post, she wanted others to know what a blessing Kiera is to all those who drive thru at McDonald’s.

Jennifer Garrett said she goes through the drive-thru at McDonald’s because seeing Kiera’s bright smile and hearing her cheerful words are like a wonder tonic.

“I drive away with my spirits uplifted,” Garrett said.

Dawn Ming said she had been to McDonald’s twice this week “just because of her.”

And, Angela Johns drives away with a smile on her face and in appreciation for the three words everyone loves to hear, “I love you!”

“Kiera is genuine,” she said. “You just know it. She is always smiling and has an uplifting word. Even if you’re having a bad day, just seeing her. She makes your day.”

The words, “I love you” lift spirits.

“I have a family that loves me,” Angela said. “But to hear those words from others, from Kiera, just brightens my day. Kiera is the standard for customer service and she is appreciated and loved.”

Kiera’s smile is contagious and her willingness to share God’s love through her is genuine.

Kiera said the smiles and kind words in return fill her heart with love. 

But, even when the customer at the window seems to disregard the smile or rebuff the kind words,

Kiera is not disheartened.

“Every day at work, I have the chance to bring love into the lives of many people,” Kiera said. “Where there is love, there is God because God is Love.”